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I think I`ve been in a crucial error while trying to come up with the best enabler in terms of knowledge sharing platforms... 

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I wish this community a long and fruitfull life. Exchange and share is the way ahead.

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In a major medical breakthrough, researchers have developed particles that can be injected into a bloodstream to keep it oxygenated even when the lungs are not functioning at all and there is no access to a heart-lung machine. The microparticles used are composed of oxygen gas pocketed in a layer of lipids, around two to four micrometers in length and carry about three to four times the oxygen content of our own red blood cells. Beyond medical uses, imagine spies or seal who can "stay underwater for over 20 minutes? If a boat was to begin to sink, you could shoot yourself as the boat is going down to ensure you aren’t drowned in the under current of the sinking vessel."

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I have started to think that the Knowledge Management notion is just wrong. It just cannot be put in practice. What we rather can do is try to form, educate and train Knowledge exchange facilitators. 

I think we should start understand life rather as a participation than a competition...

Post has attachment Another example of what the turn of learning and knowing starts to look like...

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