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Welcome to the mariara region!
this is a beta name, the official name of the region, towns, cities and other things are still being developed
Sadly no new pokemon have been found in this new region
Shows you a Puerto Rico map this is the map of the region!
The mariara region is known for being an almost obligatory stop for planes, cruise ships, also for being the place where most Indian cultures were born! This region also has its stops for Fandoms, In this region there are Pokemon contests of certain themes chosen by the Mariara Queen/King! This region has a tropical climate. Some areas of this region are very cultural for example putting the real life counterpart El viejo San Juan, in here many people visit El Morro, The Pokemon safari in this region is in one of its many small islands named Mona! I hope you have a blast in this region!

~profile template~
Favorite Pokemon:
Why went to the mariara region:

Gym leaders
Gym leader 1-open
Gym leader 2-open
Gym leader 3-open
Gym leader 4-open
Gym leader 5-open
Gym leader 6-open
Gym leader 7-open
Gym leader 8-open

Elite four
Elite four member 1-open
Elite four member 2-open
Elite four member 3-open
Elite four member 4-open

Champion- taken by pokemon trainer Dawn (in other words me)

Mariara king/Queen- open

If you have any questions or if something happened (example not knowing why you were banned if you weren't given a warning) feel free to contact me through hangouts

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hola entrene dores pokemon como estan

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Lyra: she is in Yauco, completely lost, she sees you and taps your shoulder can you help,me get to this place? she points to ponce on her map, you then...

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~Now Silver and then my oc (The main one)~

Name: Silver
Age: 17
Likes: Strong Pokemon
Dislikes: weak pokemon and weak trainers
Personality: quiet and a little cruel
Pokemon: Feraligatr, Magnemite, Crobat, Gengar, Sneasel and... Alakazam or Kadabra, I don't remember...
Reason he came to The region: He's a trainer, right? Well, he travels around every region, so he came to fill the pokédex

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~This one first~

Name: Cress
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Personality: Nice and cheerful
Likes: Water type pokemon
Dislikes: Team Plasma and even more the shadow triad
Brother: Cilan and Chili
Pokémon: Panpour and Lillipup... xD
Reason for coming: Yeah.... he just wanted to discover new regions!

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~And this is my main oc~

Name: Tina
Age: 14
Likes: Videogames and drawing
Dislikes: Childish people, Childish people that are older than her
Personality: Cheerful, Nice and a little funny
Pokémon: Blaziken, Espeon, Glaceon, Spiritomb, Lucario and Empoleon
Reason she came to the region: She wanted to feel the Air of Hoenn again, but she couldn't go back because she wanted to know new people and new pokémon, also new regions!

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Ok, ok, now him

Name: Wallace
Age: IDK, 30?
Likes: Water pokemon and elegant pokémon
Dislikes: Team Aqua/Magma
Personality: Nice, cheerful and Elegant
Pokémon: Milotic, Luvdisc, Sealeo, Seaking and Whiscash
Reason he came to the region: He could Socialize a lot more

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~profile template~
Name: lyra
Age: 14
Favorite Pokemon: her chikorita and typhlosion
Why went to the mariara region: she heard about this new region and just had to check it out
Hobby: training her pokemon
Likes: training, not loosing, her pokemon
Dislikes: team rocket, bullies, Pokemon abusers ect.
Appearance: image

Could I be Cress??? Or silver??
Oh! Oh! Or wallace??
What's my obsesion with Water Type Gym Leaders?
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