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KDE 3.5 has got Calamares :) Hurry up, Neon!

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I'm having a problem with updates I'm hoping someone can help me with.

For a couple months now my update notifier has been telling me there is a package to update even if Discover tells me everything is up to date. It's not like it's stuck. It always says there is one more update than Discover does. If Discover says there are 0 the notifier says there is 1 if discover says there is 2 the notifier says there is 3. When I install updates with Discover they generally seem to install fine.

Also, and I mention this because I think it may be related, when I try to install updates with "pkcon refresh" it gets stuck in a loop where it keeps asking "Do you want to allow installing of unsigned software? [N/y]". "sudo apt update" seems to work fine. But from what I've read, that is not the best way to update Neon.

Any help or insight would be appreciated.

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The Steam Client is behaving oddly on my Bionic install. I installed from flatpak and it was running fine. Now, I can only play World of Tanks Blitz via SteamPlay. All of my other games (native and SP) launch, show a status of running, show a status of sync and then quietly die. I am running an AMD RX580 with the latest Mesa drivers installed from the recommended PPA. The PPA Steam Client doesn't even launch.

I broke my system while trying to upgrade. I can boot through recovery mode now but can't install anything else. Is there a way to undo the upgrade, or can I reinstall without losing data?

Mi portátil calienta mucho, ya instale tlp y sigue igual , cuando uso windows no sucede eso. A que se debe. Después todo funciona bien .

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It's testing time............

Socialized my hart out. I'll take a break. We never had it so good with KDE, Neon and Plasma!

Buenas tardes, tengo una duda y es que deseo saber cuánto tiempo de soporto tiene la versión users de kde neon.
Espero me puedan aclarar esa duda. Gracias desde ya.

Has the user edition been updated to 18.04 yet? I'm not currently running neon. Waiting for Bionic Beaver to be released. Thanks =-)
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