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Interview of a Street Photographer - Paolo Valvassori

Each week we feature one of our members from the Street Photographers Community, ask 10 questions, share their images and their insights.

This week we have the great pleasure to interview +paolo valvassori from Italy. You can check out more of his images in this G+ collections
B&W Street Photography
and Colour Street Photography

Interview by +teresa pilcher

1. Tell us a bit about yourself.. How you first become interested in shooting Street Photography and how long have you been shooting this genre?

First of all, I want to thank you for this opportunity, I don't think I'm on a level to deserve a real interview, let's say that I enjoy some chatting with friends and fans of the same kind. I was born in Turin (Italy) in 1960 and since 1990 I've lived in a small town near Milan.
Like all my peers, I started shooting with the old film reflexes taking pictures of holidays and travels, then with digital machines in the new millennium, I evolved as an amateur photographer and I approached to the street genre more and more, especially in the last four or five years. Since I'm a little solitary and introverted, I've always loved watching people and imagining their stories, so I think street-photography is the best for me.

2. Do you have a camera or lens of choice?

In my opinion, the street genre requires to be light and not too flashy, so my favourite cameras are compact, I have a Canon G16 and a Canon G5x I just bought. Both of them are able to offer me everything the reflexes offer, plus the convenience of staying in my pockets or in a small bag and not being heavy. I also have a Sony Alpha 550 with some lenses, but I rarely use them.

3. How often do you shoot at Street?

Every time I can, but far less than I would like, work and family commitments and the fact of not living in a big city prevent me from shooting every day as I would love to.

4. Do you shoot any other genres?

Yes I like urban and natural landscapes, the geometries and the minimal details that can be found

5. Are there any photographers who have inspired you?

First of all Henri Cartier-Bresson and Joel Meyerowitz that I had the honor to meet in Milan, but there are many others: Doisneau, Eisenstaedt, Erwitt, Vivian Maier, Berengo-Gardin, Dorothea Lange, Gabriele Basilico, Gruyaert and many other little-known artists, like me, whose works can be admired every often on Google+ ;-)

6. When you process your images, do you have a preferred editing system?

Mainly Lightroom, with various presets, some elaborated by me, and sometimes Silver Efex Pro

7. Is there any advice you would give to beginner Street Photographers?

I think I have a lot to learn and little to teach, anyways, an advice might be no doubt to have a lot of patience, to look for a story and to find a subject that is interesting and that is immersed in what surrounds it (by contrast or by assonance)

8. Are you formally trained or self-taught?

Mostly self-taught but I followed some workshops with the photoclub I'm part of

9. Why do you shoot Street?

Because it is stimulating turning around on the streets looking for stories, faces, situations.

10. Three words that best describes your style....

Ironic, Romantic, Sometimes Geometric

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Go that way!
Nikon D5500; f/5; 1/500; 50mm; ISO200
#WeeklyChallenge #Gesture
"I always get scared of traffic cops when I'm driving, like I freak out even when I'm not doing anything wrong. I still think they're going to pull me over and arrest me." (Leelee Sobieski)

"Siempre me da miedo a los policías de tránsito cuando estoy manejando, como si me asusta incluso cuando no estoy haciendo nada malo. Sigo pensando que me van a detener y detenerme". (Leelee Sobieski)

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