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Interview of a Street Photographer - martin u waltz

Each week we would like to feature one of our members from the Street Photographers Community, ask 10 questions, share their images and their insights.

This week we have the great pleasure to interview +martin u waltz he is from Berlin. You can check out more of his images in his G+ collection street photography berlin by martin u waltz
and on his website

interview by +teresa pilcher

1. How long have you been shooting Street Photography?
I remember roaming the streets and shooting everything that I found to be interesting back in the day when I was in high school. I did not know that there was a genre called street photography back then.

2. Do you have a camera or lens of choice?
I always swap gear. Right now I'm very happy with a Fuji XT-2 and a 23mm f2 lens. Generally speaking I usually shoot with a 28 or 35mm (ff equivalent) on a mirrorless camera.

3. How often do you shoot at Street?
Several days a week

4. Do you shoot any other genres?
Yes. Anything urban and anything, people interests me.

5. Are there any photographers who have inspired you?
The painters Monet and Hopper had certainly more influence on me than any photographer.

6. When you process your images, do you have a preferred editing system?
Basically it is a multi-level culling over time. It is terribly difficult to edit your own work. Sometimes I just cling to failed shots.

7. Is there any advice you would give to beginner Street Photographers?
The short answer is: Ignore all advice, go out and shoot. Fail. Repeat. Eventually it gets better. There are no shortcuts. I did a blog post on that subject

8. Are you formally trained or self-taught?
Self-taught. I participated in some workshops and did a lot of self-education.

9. Why do you shoot Street?
I think street photography is my way to to reflect on the human condition. It is how I express myself in a artistic way.

10. Three words that best describes your style....
poetic and intuitive

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A pedestrian's viewpoint
Manhattan, New York.

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'Mighty voice from above' #WeeklyChallenge #Dogs #PeopleWithDogs

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Wet pavement
New York City.

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Pisa / Italy

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Mission Street, SOMA (San Francisco)

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Sogno sempre d'essere sveglio


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Stop Bark
#shanghai #alley #china
©kennywong 2012

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