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Name: Karma Akabane
Age: 15
Height: 5"9
Weight: 132 lbs
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight. (I think?)
Favorite Subject: Math
Least: No clue
Hobby: Messing with people
Bio: He's always wanted to kill a teacher, and has proved his competence. Though he still hasn't killed Korosensei yet.
Future Job: Bureaucrat

Karma walks into class and sits down


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Trained assassin wears mask during assassinations
Loves to hunt ppl down
Hates not hitting my target
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walks into class as new kid and sits down

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Name: Akia Asuka
Personality:Smart,Protective,Quiet, and Magical
Likes:Butterflies,Snow,Anime,Helping Poor People,Singing,Protect the people too, and Mango.
Dislikes: Bullies,Homework
BIO:Her mother was a human, when she mated with her father which was an angel, she was three she started see Announcers the way they, pulled her away from the world, into horror,Until she starts attended a school called Shoreline in California. She started to learn about them and now she uses them in battle against Outcasts,in the battle to save Luce Price with Daniel Grigori.
Powers: Sweet Slaughter- She uses her sword to kill a person(s) with one hundred cut quicker than an human eye.
Enchanting Warlock Ranged Charge-She submits eight powerful warlocks gods to kill her enemies so she doesn't do the dirty work on her victims.
Shadowy Grab-She submits Announcers, to grab her victims, and consume their bodies killing them slowly and painfully.
Ripping Master- She turns into Death and kills people with just a stare of the eyes(except Nephilims like herself).
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(I tried my best with the art. It's terrible.)
yells at Rio What the hell, Rio. Why did you add that picture as my background.
Rio smiles devilishly Because, you and Karma are meant to be.
about to throw my phone Great. Now I can't get it off of me phone.

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Name: Mia Karasuma
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Height: 5'4
Weight: 125
Favorite subject: Reading and math
Least favorite: Writing
Hobbies: Sports, sing, and fights
Bio: The school didn't like her grades and the way she ignore everything, so they decided to put her in Class 3-E. She helps the class kill Kurosensei (which to hard for her to kill) and made new friends.
Future: Popstar and Assassin
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