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So what's everyone's thoughts on theories for Halo 6? I've heard some theories that the Flood could potentially return. If you listen to the legendary ending for Halo 5, you can hear something exhale and some sort of screeching in the background. It's very subtle. I'd like to give credit to Halo Follower on this theory because he explains it better than I do. So what do you think? I actually agree with him on this. You guys think it'll happen?

To all new members of this community, welcome. I'm sorry for the lack of posts here, but we're looking for moderators. If we don't get any(3-5 preferably) within the next day or so I'm gonna have to scrap the idea. So if you're interested go ahead and like this post and say yes. Thanks a lot and hope you enjoy the experience when I get this community in motion.
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