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Hola si no entiendes español traducelo, ya que te puede servir. Muchas gracias por haber creado Capedwarf, hoy tengo corriendo capedwarf en mis servidores y ya no pierdo datos en los apagados inesperados por cortes de luz. Infinispan esta trabajando muy bien. Quiero compartir con ustedes la configuracion que estoy utilizando para una app que cree en google app engine/ java y que almacenaba datos en google datastore. Dejo el enlace de la app y tambien el archivo de configuracion que uso en google drive , pude resolver también ejecutar dos aplicaciones. Si tienes dudas me comentas

It happened again. The server had an unexpected shutdown and the infinispan data is magically gone. I think this is a big bug or the standalone-capedwarf.xml file does not have the proper settings to behave like storage. The weird thing is that some tables have data and some do not, some tables have the data incomplete. Thank you very much for attending my request.

Where I can officially report bugs on capedwarf

Hi, I would like to help in the development of capedwarf. I want to use it in production mode, but I'm having several bugs. Example

When I post http: // localhost: 8080 / _ah / api / gestionManagement / v1 / listStateAmistad works fine, this is obvious in the root context.
But when I load an app in another context I have error
When I load http: // localhost: 8080 / serverindiant / _ah / api / managementManagement / v1 / listStateAmistad

I have already solved the problem of loading several apps, but now the api rest reading does not work when I use a different context to the root.

I await your prompt reply

What is the structure of root.war? I want to deploy several apps

CapedWarf no support Endpoints Frameworks v2.0!!!

Can i have multiple google projects running concurrently in capedwarf? I have a single route for the localhost administration: 8080 / _ah / admin

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help me please!!!
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Whether to continue implementing capedwarf or does it die?

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Http: // localhost: 8080 / _ah / api / google cloud endpoints uses the url above to communicate, capedwarf does not support this
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