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People Who Are NOT Allowed In This Community:
1) Blaze Aka Toy Redbon Ze Geek
2)Voldemars Bavins
3) Rye-Rye99 Hater
4) TimDragon (He's My Friend Though)

What Ever Happens, Do Not, I Repeat, Do NOT Invite These People. They Are Haters Of Rye-Rye99.

Drama Here Is FORBIDDEN! Anyone Who Causes Drama, Is Involved In Drama, Or Brings Drama In This Community WILL Be BANNED FOR GOOD! NO Warnings! This Is Your ONLY Warning About Drama! Don't Make Me Say This Again! (Even Though No One Caused Drama In This Community, Which Is A Good Thing.)

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"Your Life. It's Your Most Precious Gift That You'll Ever Have. It's The First Thing That Was Given To You. Don't Ruin Your Rarest Gift. You Only Have It One Time."

~ DJGames

What I Say, May Or May Not Be A Statement And/Or A Point. Sometimes, Whatever I Say, Will Or Can Be True. Drama Is FORBIDDEN In This Community. If Drama Is In This Community, And Whoever Is Involved In The Drama Or Caused The Drama Will Be Banned For Good. NO EXCEPTIONS! If Rye Does Join This Community, And Any Drama That Comes To This Community And He Is Involved, He Will NOT Be Banned At All. Don't Want To Be Banned For Good From This Community, Then Do NOT Bring ANY Type Of Drama In This Community.
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