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The logical choice for spectators

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VR Gaming of the future

There's no doubt that virtual reality has made leaps and bounds over the years, from the hardware side of things the future looks bright! But from a software perspective, commercially the options are rather limited. Don't get me wrong, we have plenty of 360 shot content available online as well as VR games becoming more and more popular But an area that feels over looked is the spectator aspect of Virtual reality ! .

For the hardcore gamer virtual reality is nothing new, I remember try on a virtual reality headset back in the mid 90's at a tech exhibition in Earls Court, even back then the experience was all based around a single played game the game in question I tried was Doom, I was familiar to the game from childhood so jumped straight into it, ok back then the graphics and UX involved were very limited and developed, it felt like the technology was just thrown out to the public because it was new, well newish.

Even today the virtual realty headset have come alone way they look sleek, they are smart and lightweight, now it's down to the software involved. Ok for most people that headsets they are going to have a purpose for it but the majority of headset consumers are not hardcore gamers so what's the purpose of the headsets? I look at these people as viewers not gamers, and for this reason i believe there is an untapped market for spectator based digital gaming. Imagine back in the day your playing street fighter.

The scene shows the fighters I which you can control but in the background there is always a crowed are what resembles some spectators viewing the fight, with VR gaming those spectators could be real people viewing to fight via there VR headsets.

This opens the doors up to all sorts of computer based game competitions. To view a Halo battle as a I game spectator designed to a have a certain view point giving the perspective of a location in an arena or stadium. Imagine a FIFA 2016

online game where spectators in the crowd are real not just the generic game spectators! Or even a real live music concert ! People could attend not just in their Pc screen or television sets.

There's no doubt that Virtual reality is going to make a huge impact on us as consumers and even in the commercial industry's.
As the next waves is poised to come in, what would you like to be doing with your?

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