to everyone.
   this is how gianni the skylynx titan ends huh? it's been one hell of a ride. but thanks to some ass hole of a hacker this acount_once i log out_will be dead. so good news and bad news. the good news is that i have a few more accounts and and i am going to start on one of them, and as such i will restart and get back into communities. the ones i will restart are the ones that i own, the ones i will get back to are the ones i have been apart of for a long time. the bad news is that i can never regain the past videos on my youtube it is with a heavy heart...that the world is down one skylynx titan. i miss this account SO MUCH! if you chose to stand alongside (or let me stand with) you in a new form, i will be cool with it. this account will close down on monday. where as now redraptoroffical is now my new flagship account, if i can get my password back i will delete this post. but i shall be making a list of what is to be done. i wish you all the best of luck.
your former prime. gianni the skylynx titan 

Do you want me to make a bio?

i had asked the helix fossil something is what i got!
"will there be a remake of the fossil fighters games?"
Helix Fossil says:
"Most likely"

hello. the time is now that the interviews start. you can send in questions that ben will ask to members of team slifer and the doctors who were behind the mother of the red team, project SLIFER. a list of season 1 members shall be posted up and i shall send in each member that has been put on the list.

season 1

hunter Löwenkralle
yang long
ruby long
theta schwarzen Dragoner
prince Hīrō dyanl
duna Taifū Nichs
episode 1 is hunter Löwenkralle.

name: benjamin (ben) jiro
race: Dinuranian (journalist)
gender: male
transformation: giganotosaurus
vivosuor team: just him and 2 T-rexs named notch and mata-nui
age: 23


Race:Dinuranian (one of the elite)
Transformation:fight me and see
Vivosaur team:Depends on the mood I'm in, usually has Frigi, Dark Bane (O-Raptor Fiend), or Swift River (Kashin) my team always has me in it

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vivosuor team:

name: Gianni
race: human
gender: male
transformation: [ classified ]
vivosuor team: grimlock(guan) toothless(V-raptor) delta(spinax) prime(ignos) megatron(celo)
age: 15
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