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Video 2 on Moving into space after passing to support teammates.

Please view this video and make your comments before the start of tomorrow's lesson.

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Video 1 on Dribbling + 180 degrees turn

Please watch the video from 0:00 to 1:40 and make comments to it before the start of tomorrow's lesson.

Football Lesson 4 (21 August 2017)

Lesson Objectives:
1. Able to change direction of ball movement while dribbling the ball.
2. Understand the importance of running into space to support teammates.

Success Criteria (Turns)
1. Body close to ball when dribbling forward
2. take smaller steps and slow down when about to make a 180 degrees turn
3. Put the sole of your kicking foot on the ball
4. Pull the ball back with control
5. Turn your body immediately after you pull the ball back
6. continue your dribble

Lesson Plan:

Practice Drills:
1. Dribble + turning drills (Pull Back) - See Video 0:01 - 0:41
2. Dribble + turning drills (Outside Cut) - See Video 0:42 - 1:14
3. Dribble + turning drills (Inside Cut) - See Video 1:15 - 1:40

4. Passing in 4 corners (without defender)
- Set up an square area with cones at the corner of the square.
- Each player to be on each corner
- Pass the ball to different directions.

5. Passing in 4 corners (with defender) - See Full Video 2
- Same set up with drill number 4.
- 3 players + 1 defender
- players must only pass ball along the lines of the square area
- defender must try to intercept the ball

Practice Game:
1. Students to play small sided game.

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Video 2 of Football Lesson 2

Please watch the drills and comment on them.

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Video 1 of Football Lesson 2.

Please watch the drills and comments on them.

Football Lesson 2 on 14th Aug 2017 (Monday)

Lesson Objective:
1. Able to maintain possession of ball by using different dribbling skills.

Success Criteria:
1. Keep ball close to body.
2. Lean slightly forward when dribbling.
3. Tap the ball lightly with your foot.
4. Control the power.

5 Practice Tasks:
1. Stationary Two Foot Dribbling (Watch Video 1 - 0:30 to 0:36)

2. Two Foot Dribbling on the move (Watch Video 1 - 1:30 to 1:48)

3. One Foot side roll Dribbling (Watch Video 1 - 2:17 to 2:30)

4. Single Foot Laces Touch Dribbling (Watch Video 2 - 0:12 - 0:30)

5. Single Foot Inside-Outside Touch (Watch Video 2 - 0:30 to 0:49)

2 Practice Games (Demo will be shown during lesson):
1. Hit the cones
2. The Crab Man
3. 4 v 4 small sided game (If time permits)

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Please watch the video and comment on Barcelona Team passing game.

Football Module Lesson 1

Lesson Objective:
- Students will be able to pass the ball accurately to his partner using his
dominate foot.

Success Criteria:
1. Lean forward when passing
2. Non-kicking foot next to the ball/toes pointing forward
3. Contact the ball with inside foot/perpendicular to direction of pass
4. Follow through with foot pointing towards target

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