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WELCOME to anime roleplay all the mods hope u have a fun and happy time roleplaying : )

whispers this community is ded

I will now be approving characters you can only have ONE character and ask permission to change or update ocs

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Arent I the best
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✠♛ Basic Information ♛✠
✹Name: Z

✹Alias(es): none yet


✹Nationality: black mage

✹Age: 23


✠♛ Physical Details ♛✠

✹Hair Color: blond can't be seen since head is cover by darkness

✹Eye Color: check image

✹Build: check image

✹Physical Deformities/Alterations: None
✠♛ Biographical Details ♛✠

✹Powers: magic

✹Weaknesses: scared of spiders and can't really run fast

✹Personality: is a asshole and a bit kind

✹Relationships: none

✹Main Goal: go around fighting anyone to see where he can improve

✹Team: none ywt
✠♛ Equipment/Items ♛✠

✹Weapons:Level 1 - Fire, Thunder, Sleep
Level 2 - Blizzard, Temper, Dark
Level 3 - Fira, Thundara, Hold
Level 4 - Blizzara, HASTE, confuse
Level 5 - Firaga, Teleport, Slowra
Level 6 - Thundaga, Death, Quake
Level 7 - Thundaga, Saber, Blind
Level 8 - Stop, Warp, Flare
And a dagger

✹Armor: gold (makes me slow but defenses are ok)

✹Clothing: check image

✠♛ How S.P.E.C.I.A.L. are you?♛✠

✹Tier: don't know tier

✹Attack Potency: i have a spell count for each level 50 point for each level

✹Speed: can run at light speed only when he has his armor off with armor on can only run at 500mph

✹Attack Speed: varies depends on spell

✹Reaction Speed: spider man level

✹Travel Speed: walking speed

✹Lifting Strength: 12 pounds

✹Striking Strength: with hands weak

✹Durability: can take alot of damage

✹Stamina: 3950 hp

✹Intelligence: street and school smarts
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Name: rockxie
Gender: girl
Age: 1000+
Race: robot
Height: 4'10
Weight: 70 lb
Type of robot: steampunk, human soul
Has a 4th dimensional pocket and bag turns into jet pack
Boi: she was made for her creators daughter, Doris so she wouldn't be so depressed but eventually doris committed suicide and rockxie had no purpose so her creator, john made her a sister named jackxie eventually she got to powerful and had to be scrapped after that john decided to power down rockxie and someone powered her on for who knows long and she's been living in metro city's woods for maybe 100 years and stayed hidden there until she found all the other robots like Astro and stuff


Name Z sometimes goes by Zack
Gender : Male
Sexuality: straight
Age: 18
Race Human
Height 6'4
Weight: 165
Special abilities:knows magic but forgets which one can solve problems faster
Bio: Z was a Light warrior until he beat chaos since then he was teleported trough time he made friends enemies he misses his friends but he lives every day to the best he can even when he is targeted since he can use magic.

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Blood Moon

Age: 17

Gender: Obviously Female

Occupation: Killing For Senpai

Favorite Color(s): Red/Black

Favorite Song: Please Notice Me Senpai (by IHasCupQuake)

Favorite Animal: Any Wild Predators


Crush: Amaro Kasuta (Senpai)

Relatives: None, Her Family Is Dead

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I drew Astro <3

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I know this says pics but

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