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Okay so this is a quick update!
The rules stay the same but particularly areas such as city, haunted house and so on I will be allowing the discussion part as that rp area to be used.
Happy rping!

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Profile 1: red heart
Name: jade
Gender: female
Likes: sweets, knifes and swords
Dislikes: others
Family: none
Friends: blade
Profile 2: Purple Heart
Name: blade
Gender: female
Likes: guns, blood
Dislikes: most things
Family: none
Friends: jade


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name:   akane   davis 
age: ''  a  lady never tells her  age.''
gender: female
race:   doll  human 
persona: 1/2 yandere  1/2 Himedere 
bio:  she is  ayas  daughter  but  her mother  went mad killing  all  her patients  or   using  them as  test  subjects  but her  father  is abusive    and does Honorable thing  to her.
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* i was  sitting in a  chair  in a locked room     when you un lock the door  and walk up to me  and* ( open rp )

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((Sorry it pretty long))

"If only I could take your place..."
―Viola, to Ellen

biological information
Age 13
Species Human
Viola (ヴィオラ, Vūiora) is one of the main characters in The Witch's House.

She befriends Ellen, a young girl who was also the witch of the house. She's tricked by Ellen into switching bodies, weak and sick, with the promise of "just for a day." In the end, however, they never switched back bodies, since Ellen enjoys her new painless body. Viola unfortunately dies in Ellen's body, shot by her own father, thinking it is a monster in the Bad Truth ending of the game.

Viola appears in the game in Ellen's body where she tries to trap Ellen in the house with Ellen's own power. Ellen, however, was able to escape the house in all the official endings, leading to the true Viola's death.


Viola is essentially described as Ellen's polar opposite: a kind and trusting innocent girl who is loved by everyone.

Since her mother's death at a young age, Viola takes care of the housework, such as cooking meals and tidying up the living space, on a daily basis while her father goes hunting in the woods for food. Those same caring and motherly qualities are also often seen during her frequent visits of the Witch's House, where she would sit at a terminally ill Ellen's bedside to talk to her and reassure her that there are people in the world who love her (Viola included) in spite of her illness. However, Viola herself begrudgingly admits feeling innately disgusted by Ellen's sickly appearance, staying true to her human nature.

Viola appears to have a stubborn side, often expressing anger and embarrassment at her father's over-protectiveness. She also seems fairly naive and gullible, believing Ellen's lies when she told her that the adults in the village were hiding her in the forest because they are afraid of her sickly self. These faults are what led to her argument with her father and later made her fall victim to Ellen and her Demon familiar's manipulations, losing her body in the process. But because of her selflessness and kind nature, she was initially willing to let Ellen live on in her body while she died in her place. However, it isn't long before Viola has a change of heart when she witnesses a vision of Ellen walking alongside her father with seemingly sinister intentions, and sets out to trap her former "friend."

In pain and despair, she pursues the player throughout the whole game, not only to get her body back, but because she was worried for her father. Her last words were "father" "daddy" or "father, daddy... help" depending on the ending and game version you play, which shows her love for her father, even in her last moments.


("Give it back!") "Ghg... ...gha ..h." She lives with her father, described by Ellen as "a close family of two." Viola once stumbled into the house in which she met Ellen. They became very close "friends," although Viola was not aware that Ellen was a witch.

On the day that Ellen announced that she was going to die, Viola unknowingly accepted to "take her place." Upon being forced to switch bodies with Ellen, Viola was in shock to find that the body was falling apart. Ellen had gouged her own eyes out and cut her own legs off beforehand, clearly planning Viola's painful death from the start. Adding this to the pain from the illness, Viola screamed in agony. Ellen, not finding her own voice's screams pleasing, handed her a medicine she told Viola would ease the pain. However, it was actually a throat burning medicine, which resulted in Viola losing her voice for good.

Ellen walks outside of the house planning to escape. She finds that the only way to escape is now blocked by uncuttable roses, produced from the remaining magic in Ellen's original body which Viola now resides in. Knowing that there is medicine able to kill the roses inside of the house, she is forced to go back into the house full of traps. Throughout the game Viola attempts to kill Ellen to get her body back and to protect her father. But with the house and demon cat on Ellen's side her attempts fail, and Ellen escapes out of the house with Viola's body. Viola, not giving up, she chases Ellen out to to the forest, only to be shot to death by her very own father, who was trying to protect "Viola" from the bloody, legless "monster".


"Then a girl came to play. A cute girl with golden braids...
Ellen describing Viola in her Witch's Diary
In her own body, Viola is a young 13 year old girl with fair skin and a slender frame. She has golden blond hair tied into two small braids with messy bangs that hang about her face, and green eyes which are often worn in a melancholic expression. Her attire consists of a pair of brown leather boots under a distinctively large, sleeveless navy blue dress; worn with a white pinafore over the top and a large white bow tied on the back.

In Ellen's body, she has her long lavender hair fashioned with a large red bow and, as a result of Ellen's mutilation, she is legless and eyeless.


Unnamed Father - Viola's father, and a hunter. Ellen describes their relationship as "a close family of two". He cares and loves her very much - which, ironically, ends up killing her in Ellen's body to protect his beloved "Viola". According to the letter he left for Viola, he had scolded her for going to the forest. He was worried due to the legend of a witch in the forest (most likely Ellen), kidnapping children who get lost there. He also mentioned that it's okay to visit her friend (Ellen), but for her to stay away from the forest.
Ellen - Viola's "friend", now enemy. They were very close friends, with Viola often coming alone to Ellen's house to visit her to play (as written in Ellen's diary). She felt sorry for Ellen's bedridden state, and agreed to switch bodies "for a day" which shows she had great trust in Ellen. It's unknown what Viola felt towards Ellen after she betrayed her, but speculation shows that she may only want to kill Ellen not out of hatred, but to get her body back and to protect her father.
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It okay mind if I be Viola from witch house and make the profile

Thank for intive me +Duel wield Dark Nero

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Name whitetide
Age unknown
Gender male
Spieces demon
Weapon powerful allusions and taking souls
Likes when people scream
Dislikes joy and laughter
Bio roamed the earth taking peoples souls so one day he came across a magic that gave him power so he used that against the poeple he attacked

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Name: Miyako Akamina

Age: 17
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