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Rules Here!
Please Read!

Hey Poke'Note Community, just want to make sure Poke'note is easy, friendly, fun and safe to use! Please read all the rules posted!

1) No Hate speech
(Racism, Homophobia, Slander ect.)
If you do not agree with someone, that's fine - but do not use any hate speech

2) Be Respectful
If someone isn't doing something a certain way, or asked for help on an issue that seems silly and/or has posted in the wrong place. Respectfully tell them.

3) Be Patient
Kind if goes with the respectful rule, if a new trainer or breeder did not know a certain thing about something you know a lot of, then politely address them and teach them. If it seems too much for you, move on to a different post.

4) No Spam
Anything not related to Pokémon will be removed, you can post ONE community "commercial" if there are multiple of that community it will be deleted. There Is a place for those. :)

5) Cussing/Cursing is: Okay
Within reason of course; if it's too excessive you will get a warning and it cannot be directed toward someone.

6) Post in Proper Tabs!
The first two offenses are warnings but the third is a ban. Also _Please DO NOT post in the Owner/Mods Tab!_

Three Strikes and You're Out!
Please be respectful and patient with everyone involved in this community, if you aren't you get 3 strikes: Two Warnings and then a Temporary Ban! This ban can be revoked if you have talked to 2 mods or myself. (Ghosti). If you are banned again you must earn approval from all mods and myself.

Please have a great time here in this little community!
~ Ghosti
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