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Hey I'm new here and I like hyundai I even own hyundai santafe 2010
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Anyone located in Arkansas? My name is Missy and I work at SUPERIOR HYUNDAI IN CONWAY and I am looking to see how many on here I can connect with about their Hyundai....

Car is back to normal. We found out the starter had also played a roll in it. Thank goodness for limited warranty!

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ATTENTION: We have recently had to have our car towed due to the following issue, it is a Hyundai. Although Hyundai is a great vehicle, the following model is prone to this. Just be aware!

Fact of the day #3: A lot of Hyundai's features are very similar to a Lincoln!

Hello and welcome to the group, Magic! Feel free to post about Hyundai!

Fact of the day #2: Hyundai is a great company for small family cars!

Fact of the day #1: Hyundai is a USA Company!
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