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New iOS and Android versions of SERIST have been pushed to the App Store and +Google Play Store with a new way to discover and browse new TV Shows.

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there are 2 dollar signs and no € sign.. let the user choose what sight he wants because its set to $ but I live in Europe and never use it.

serist doesn't work for me I got a refund ..

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Our Android Team is on fire 🔥 SERIST for Android 1.4  with  Widget and Rating is now available on +Google Play.

Hello. Just bought the bundle on iOS. Fairly new to iOS as I just made the switch from Android. I've grown into an avid Series Guide user but these two apps look perfect. 😎

Hi there, I've been enjoying the Android app since purchasing from the Playstore. Recently I have started getting an error message saying " not purchased from the appstore " ?? Is there a fix for this please?

is there a trail version of this app? Regards

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SERIST 1.5 for iOS is now available on the App Store with a New Widget, Quick Actions, Spotlight Search and more…

Before buying your nice looking app, I would want to know whether air times are US only or adaptable to the corresponding country I am living in? I am using Android btw.
Thanks in advance for answering.

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SERIST for Android 1.2 with  sort options, fast scroll, email notifications, swipe actions and onboarding is now available in the +Playstore.
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