Cooperator Defector Game
Goal of the Game is to get a much wealth as you can. It is not to deprive others of money but simply get as rich as possible.

1. You will play rationally and assume that everyone else will play the same way (so no flipping coins etc. to make decisions…)
2. You will not discuss or share your choices (or look at the choices of others) unless directed to do so.

How the game works…

For each round, you will choose to be a cooperator "C" or a defector "D" and you will put that letter on the slip of paper
When letters are collected you will receive money according to the following formula
If you put a C on your paper, you will get $3.00 for each C
If you put a D on your paper, you will receive $5.00 for each C and $1.00 for each D
You will keep each keep track of your individual wealth as the game progresses.
Leader -- keep track of the result of each round -- numbers of C’s and D’s and total earnings.
After a few rounds, you will likely have most people Defecting and earning more than those putting C’s -- but overall wealth will be declining.
If you total best student earnings at end of the game, the best person will likely have earned far less than what EVERYONE could have earned if all had cooperated. And everyone else in the class will have earned even less.
Discuss etc. I sometimes play an extra round after the discussion to see if people will defect or cooperate -- reinforcing the real life issues.
I have also played rounds (when I played it with senior high school kids) where they would have negotiations as a class and then play another round
Possible discussion questions/connections etc

· Connections to school work -- are there a limited number of A's Do we work together or are we competing. How do we work as a class? In Group work… etc.
· The environment -- We know if we continue to destroy the environment, we will all lose -- so why don't we take action
· Trade with other countries
· Refugee crisis
· Do the names Cooperator and Defector affect your decision making
· Justice issues in general -- Restorative Justice -- Restorative Discipline…

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Number Talks worksheet for kids - sorry it is in French! Now you know what it is like to have to translate everything! LOL

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Another way to do some purposeful practice.

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FUN GAME = Tenzi

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Here is a link for tracking your kids' participation in Math / Number Talks.
I know we don't mark it, persay, but this is a good way to know who is actually participating in your discussions.
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