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Weekend batch of Excel VBA Automation by Microsoft Certified Trainer from 12th December 2015

Prices will be revised from next batch..

Hurry Up and Avail offer....

Venue: East Delhi (Krishna Nagar) 
Fees : Rs.5000/- only

Classes would be only on Weekend

Enroll soon and be efficient in VBA and automation

Group Discount available

For course details Visit:

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Behavioural Training for Corporates

Aurelius Corporate Solutions is an organization offering behavioral training programs and custom solutions for corporate with a fast paced curriculum and a deep rooted understanding of the work culture, to corporates across India. Read here full story:

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Tip for the Day...... 

Sometimes we have many sheets hidden in an Excel File and its time consuming to unhide all sheets manually one by one. So here is the cool trick.

Follow below steps:

Open the file

Press Alt F11

Insert a module and type below mentioned code in the VB editor

Sub unhide_sheets

Dim sh as worksheet

For each sh in worksheets

Sh.visible = xlsheetvisible


End Sub

Now run this macro and all sheets will be visible

Happy Learning :)

For any training related qyery contact me Anant Jain at 9711040478
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