Introduction to Dreamocracy

                          By Eliada and Nosakhere Griffin-EL

Society’s most plaguing ills are noted as the world’s vast array of social vices, culturally embedded inequalities, and political and economic disparities that strip communities of their ability to chart a prosperous destiny. Although these claims are convincing, and often backed by the most credible institutions’ data and reports, the discussions concerning progress, solutions, and ideas in response to global woes are often left unattended. The most gruesome oversight is not in underestimating the hurt in society, but in overseeing the youth’s capacity, will, and brilliance to innovate and execute profound answers to this earth’s ailing questions. Dreamocracy   is a collection of individuals who seek to develop visions that are of individual and societal consequence. According to social entrepreneur Bill Strickland,  
A dream is about building something—relationships, identity, quality of experience. Because dreams rise out of genuine need they feed the spirit in a profoundly satisfying way.
Dreams…. connect you to the world and to other human beings. They make it clear that individual success is enlarged and enhanced by the spiritual fulfillment and success of the people with whom you share the planet.
Strickland’s declaration affirms that everyone has a gift that if developed into a dream can transform the individual and world. In every life, there is an answer to a prevailing issue or problem has been given in the form of a vision for a preferred future—a dream.  Dreamocracy   is committed to not only to unraveling that dream within each young person, but providing the experience, the support, and the structures within which these world-changing dreams can be cultivated and launched. Dreamocracy   is a youth empowerment initiative and social enterprise driven by the distinct purpose of enabling youth to identify, develop, and carry out their dreams in order to bring both change and hope to humanity in innovative and sustainable ways.
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