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The world has found how to make people live forever ! This was good news but it there was still a need for babies. I was chosen to be one of the babies due to having no job of family left. You where an adult who needed a baby. I was given to you and drugged so I would have constant accidents and I could talk. I was delivered in a huge diaper with a pacifier and you where given a bag of baby things


Anyone want to force me into diapers 🍼

Is ridding on her dogs back until she runs into someone

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Name korroko
How to pronounce: Kor•roko
Age: 5
Likes: Fighting, practicing ninja moves and being liked
Dislikes: N/A
Interesting fact: she was in the army and is a fire princess.

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Name: Joshua Williams
Age: 13
Race: Unkown
Personality: fun-loving, compassionate, outgoing and friendly
Abilities: Unkwon
Likes: friendly people, sushi, dancing and singing
Dislikes: rude and evil people
Bio: a lead scientist with breakthrough analogies with human molding and the occult.

Is sitting down waiting for someone to adopt her Adult needed

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Is asleep in crib when everyone comes in and watches

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Name:Sarah Casket
Likes:playing with friends,making friends
Dislikes:bullying and being abused
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Name: Diamond Norris
Age: 13
Sex: Male
Likes: playing with friends
Dislikes: being bored and getting bullied

Im laying down on my side waiting for someone to adopt me Adult needed
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