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When should capture the flag take place?
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Welcome to camp Half-Blood. Here we train the greatest heroes like: Percy Jackson, Annabeth Chase, and many others. We are glad to have you join the ranks of Demi-God. Just be warned that you may be attacked by the occasional monster. So, beware and have fun!

Now, we do have some rules here at our camp. And, consequences if you don't listen to them.

1) NO BULLYING!! Now, I take this rule very seriously and if I find you bullying outside of roleplays I will ban you.

2) Please be respectful to the mods and owners. Remember that they are human and that they do make mistakes. You get three strikes then you're banned.

3) Respect the other members. Again, it's the same thing with the mods/owners.

4) No sex roleplays. I mean, most of the time the kids at Camp Half-blood are 7 to like 19ish, they don't have that happen.

5) Before you roleplay with your camper either an owner or a mod has to accept your character.

6) Don't kill/hurt really badly someone's character without their permission.

7) Please have at least 1 OC.

8) Some swearing is fine. Just don't swear in every post and no f-bombs.

9) Only I am allowed to roleplay cannon characters. (Ex: Chiron)

10) Please, if you are a cabin leader post the roster for your cabin.

11) Have fun ^^

Poseidon Cabin:
Cabin leader: Open

Zeus Cabin:
Cabin leader: Open

Hades Cabin:
Cabin leader: Open

Athena Cabin:
Cabin leader: Reserved (Mine.)

Hermes Cabin:
Cabin leader: Open

Apollo Cabin:
Cabin leader: Open

Dionysus Cabin:
Cabin leader: Open

Demeter Cabin:
Cabin leader: Open

Ares Cabin:
Cabin leader: Open

Aphrodite Cabin:
Cabin leader: Open

Hephaestus Cabin:
Cabin leader: Open
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