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Kenna walked into the school. Her new school for the next few years. She wore a black beanie, black choker, black jeans, and her black ripped jeans. Her mom questioned her outfit at first but let it slide. Her mom wished her a goodbye and good luck and helped her bring her stuff into her dormitory. They said goodbye one more time before her mom left back to the airport to go back to Ireland. She bit her lip in nervousness but ended up biting down on her piercing. She walked around the school to get accustomed to everything. She walked into the library, where she was greeted by you

Open RP
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This is another OC of me that I want to roleplay as.

Name: McKenna Anderson
AKA: Kenna
Age: 16
Sexuality: Bisexual
Originally from: Ireland
Hobby: YouTuber (3 mil. Subscribers. Sounds like a ton, not really) as gamer/vlogger
Likes: Authentic thrift shops, winter
Dislikes: Being annoyed

(This character has some of the same traits as me but not a lot)

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Name: Ezra Marshallson
Age: 16
Sexuality: Asexual
Hobbies: playing guitar, chemistry, djay-ing, painting
Likes: Arts, science
Dislikes: Criticism, idiots, being called dumb
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