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Name (first and last):

Age (18 or 18+):


Appearance (can just be a pic if you want):




Rank (must start as a Private, you'll rank up by training and Rping):

Class (assault, medic, sniper, heavy):

Weapons (based on your class):



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I was in my barracks, blueprints for a jaeger spread out in front of me. I was the designer of all jaegers, the father of the jaeger as people called me. I had already made the pilot suits for gipsy danger, the jaeger already being funded, awaiting the finished blueprints. I also had a mark IV Spartan armor next to me that I had to work ok as well. I also constructed lightsabers to add to the armory sitting on the table
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sitting in the range shooting

Sharpening my Karambit, waiting for my briefing Sssshink

Let me know what you think, and If anything is wrong or missing that I need to add, thanks!


Name (first and last): Alec Brandel

Age (18 or 18+): 20

Gender: Male

Appearance (can just be a pic if you want):((forgot pic sorry)) short blonde buzzcut, chiseled features, Tall and somewhat muscular, dark brown eyes, and no other marks or physical changes as of yet.

Personality: Serious when needed and relaxed when not

Like: Food, Shooting, Hand to Hand, and kindness

Dislike: Rudeness, Automatics, and being off target

Rank (must start as a Private, you'll rank up by training and Rping): Private

Class (assault, medic, sniper, heavy): Scout Sniper (technical name)

Weapons (based on your class): M40A5, M39 Enhanced Marksman Rifle, Beretta 9mm, two M67 fragmentation grenades, and 2 M18 smoke grenades

Skills: Target Elimination, Advanced CQC, and Area Lockdown

Bio: Alec enlisted in the USMC directly out of High School at the age of19, looking to make a change and to protect those who can't protect themselves he finished boot camp and was placed into advanced technical training where he was trained to become scout sniper and passing with flying colors in every department, Alec also love CQC and trained before the Marine Corp in Muai Tai, and Brazilian jui jitsu, only furthering his CQC skills. Now he has gotten shipped out and awaits for orders.

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Name rynel diaz
Age 15

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Name (first and last): blaze blue flame

Age (18 or 18+):18

Gender: female

Appearance : (the pic)

Personality:kind,selfless,brave,shy sometimes,hopefull,helpful,happy,will be mean if necessary

Like:music,singing,boxing,writing,and her Labtop


Rank: private

Class :sniper

Weapons :M2010 Enhanced sniper rifle and a karambit knife , bow and arrows

Skills: stealth,quick kill,haking,codeing,and decoding

Bio:she grew up on a ranch with her dad whare he would teach her to shoot arows and guns when she ternd 15 she got her first cumputer whare she got good at coding and haking and other things but she spent most of her time practiceing with guns and she learned how to fight with knives and learned hand to hand combat with her father one day when she was 17 she stopped at a gas station on her way home from her job and in the gas station store she saw a poster about the merine Corp so when she got home she talked to her dad and thay both agreed that when she terns 18 she could go if she still whanted to
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name: zoey moon
age: 18
Gender: female
appearance: there is a photo
personality: im super nice, i work hard, im a if your not mean to me im not mean to you kind of person
likes: hanging out with friends, helping ect.
dislikes: bulling
rank: private
class: medic
weapons: anything i can use
skills: i am super sneaky and can surprise attack anyone at any time
bio: me and my sister where abandon by our parents and we raised each other and then we split up to go our separate ways

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TEMPLATE (thanks for invite)

Name : namesia chan

Age :18


Appearance :(pic)

Personality:sometimes serious if you can make her happy or if she likes you she will be exiting



Rank :?

Class :swordsmen

Weapons : swords

Skills: kill people with swords

Bio: I have no Bio and no need I'm just a swordsman

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