i cant find a way to turn off crossfade playback, i loose up to 15 seconds of each track begining

why there is no export setting function?

Permanent cache offline showing zero songs to play what's going on

Is there a way to move artwork to the sd card?

Hi all, for a friend I have installed DSUB but I cannot find the Folder View of my Subsonic Server that every iOS App is supporting.
Is it really not available?


Library doesn't work correctly in android auto.
It lists artists, but when you select an artist, the albums are by other artists and the tracks are different again.
Album lists works fine.

How about an equalizer? These headphones I've got suck! And I need to crank up bass. I'm suffering!

Can DSub use several servers? And can I choose which server is being used? Or the only option is to remove all servers but one? Soory if this is a basic question but I could not find the answer anywhere else.

After my One Plus 5 updated to OOS 5.0.1 (Android 8.0.0 with December security fixes) I am no longer seeing Bluetooth metadata in my car. I have tried a few other audio apps (PocketCasts, Ultrasonic, Google music) and they are working. Anyone else experiencing this issue?

When using Dsub with Android Auto and going to full library browsing, the screen hangs for 1-2 minutes without displaying any artists, then drops back to the main player screen with whatever last song was played. No issues going to the album lists of recently added albums, or browsing the full library on the phone without android auto running. (Stereo XAV-AX100, Phone Pixel XL, Android 8.0.0). Any workaround? Browsing library has approximately 1100 folders, but would prefer not to further subdivide them into alphabet folders (/A, /B, etc)
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