Anyone know if there is a way to display 'Now Playing' in Internet Radio?

I'm using the dsub app to cast to an OPPO 103D, but it won't autoplay the next song on the list. I have to push "next" when one song is finished. Any thoughts on how I can get autoplay working? I'm using subsonic server. 

I don't know if this is the right place to share this but I have a problem with the current official Release of DSub.

In Android 7.0 (Huawei Mate9) using 5.3.4, when I use the Android systems "Back" button (soft button below the screen), I often have the problem that the old App content is overlayed with the new one.

Main Screen -> Playlists -> <A Playlist> -> Press the Systems's Back button

I find myself back in the playlist selection screen with the Squares, but in the Back I still see the content of the playlist.

Next time it happens I will submit a screenshot.

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Chromecast Audio + Transcoding... It seems like subsonic (or DSub?) is deciding to transcode to the "chromecast audio" for bitrates above 256kpbs. I notice that when I stream the same file from Plex I get "direct play" which I assume is no transcoding. I checked the player setting for the DsubCC player in Subsonic and it does not have any bitrate limits set. Any ideas? (reference 1. 2. 

Since the upgrade to Android Auto in November my Pioneer 4100 and DSub no longer know when my car is in park. Prior to this upgrade I could scroll nonstop when parked. Now I get that annoying warning about not being parked.

I don't see many complaints on this on other forums and I have no way to know for sure if it AA or DSub that is causing the problem. I assume it is AA, but since I have no real way to contact them I figured I'd start here. Did AA change something or did they just break something?


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Question about data usage: While driving to my parents' house for Thanksgiving, I streamed from my server. I found that I hit my 2gb cap pretty quickly. After looking at the phone's "data usage" it looks to me like the data usage was doubling up. Android OS and DSub were both gobbling data at the same time. Does anyone know why? I'm using Android M, with Cyanogenmod, and DSub 4.7.

Thanks. I love the app.

Love DSub. Used it was Subsonic successfully for months. Thanks for all your hard work.

I recently switched to Madsonic. Everything seems to work as normal except that some albums show "No Data" when they are opened in DSub. Its weird because two albums from the same artist using flac files: one will show up and stream fine, the other one shows no data.

In the example above, both albums play fine in Madsonic's webplayer... so I'm relatively sure its not a Madsonic setup issue.

Any thoughts?

Wondering if you would consider adding an option to disable artist biographies (not just first level) in library views. I (and many other users) have a library in a folder structure that doesn't follow Artist > Album in any way. Instead, I use music genres and as a result have DSub give me images and biographies for artists named "Electronic", "Jazz", and "Singles" which obviously are of no interest to me.

First of all, love the app, definitely worth the small price!

I'm having an issue syncing songs after modifying the track order and titles. Basically I had downloaded an album that had no track number info, and started listening to it on DSub. After noticing this, I went to the browser interface to put the correct track numbers on all the tracks, as well as change some titles. This works on the browser with no issues at all, however I can't get the new track order to sync with DSub. I've tried swiping down when viewing the album, deleting the cache, basically everything and I can't seem to make it work. Any tips ?

The app does not appear to be working on my Pixel. It appears to be "skipping" between tracks constantly always saying "buffering" I have tried re-installing but sadly that did not work. Any ideas?
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