Session proposal: Turning sound into image

Creating tools to navigate sound files via a visual interface that allows intuitive navigation to specific locations; can be used for any music or other sonic artifact (e.g., speeches by MLK or JFK or language learning).  I created one in Flash, but am seeking collaboration to develop a new generation version as a mobile app.  This tool has proven incredibly useful in facilitating effective student learning in my classes.

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link to BubbleMachine (including tutorial):

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Unconference 2015 underway!

Navigating sound via an interactive visual interface

How can we facilitate selective navigation through sound files that allows teachers and students to identify important boundary points that can act as anchors to which they can easily return with a single click of the mouse (or touch of the screen).  I created such an interface in Flash, but - due to Apple's decision not to support that format - I am currently interested in collaborating to develop a next-generation version as a mobile app. [full disclosure: proposed as a session also]

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Here are the slides from Shane Nackerud's keynote on open textbooks and OERs

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For your reference, the conference slides. 

Nearpod: using Nearpod to incraese student engagement. Bring your device!

Dorkshort Resources:

Open Video Resource Google Custom Search Engine

Libraries Licensed Streaming Video Digital Media Interactive

Serious fun: creating comics to learn academic writing skills. I like to use comic generators like ComicLife to teach academic writing skills like summarizing, process writing, and even grammar for foreign language. I'll bring examples of student work on these topics. 
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