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I forgot the pin..
Can any one help me to recover this. Without losing data?

I came to know about your apps recently. These are very good initiative. While searching, unable to understand difference between Financius and Expensius.

I am not a user yet, I am concerned about my privacy. Does this app gather my data and use it? Or what is the policy? Do you sell data or not?

Hi, I'm using this app from 2013 and is awesome!!! I'm really missing there income VS expense...and that's a shame... Now I have a little problem. I have used an Android phone so far, but now I bought iPhone and a can't download the app. Why? Is it possible to do something about it? I really love this app very much and I don't want to start using another. Thanks.

the last year i made transactions without account.Is it possible to insert all my data?

Was a long time user if this app then I moved to Wallet in the past year but I just went back to this yesterday after Wallet made some changes on its categories feature and subscription structure. Tried using Money Lover (also a long time on/off and premium user) but it feels clunky and unintuitive. I also installed and tried a bunch (maybe 10) expense manager apps for the past couple of days but they're either missing the simplicity or they're trying too hard. I wish this app will miraculously get an update. Would gladly pay for it. 😔 +Mantas Varnagiris

is there any other app can import Financius's backup?

Can we include an option for repeated transactions. Currently we do not have feature to add recurring expense or income. Many thanks 👍
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