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Now we're makin' progress.  After extensive research and networking, I am ready to move into Launch and Record Like Crazy Mode.  Our first episode, an introduction to the Authors Pay It Forward Podcast (APIF 000) is done and ready to upload to iTunes. 

The intro is titled:
"Indie vs. Traditional Publishing - What's the difference?" and will give our future listeners a little Publishing 101 information and introduce our upcoming format.  We have the first 50 guests lined up and ready for questions from our peeps.  I'll post all of the updated information and upcoming schedules as we go on our site at:  I'll report back when we are live and updated on the site.  Hoo-Hoo! 

Dave Freeman


The AUTHORS PAY IT FORWARD PODCAST is under construction.  Your ideas, suggestions and general comments are truly welcome. Here are a few things that need development: 
The primary objective of our podcast will be to attract a large following of new Authors and their fans, by :
1. Interviewing notable experts in our industry of self-publishing, who can discuss their personal paths to success and offer recommendations for others (us) to follow (or avoid) to maximize our success as Authors.
a. Your suggestions and requests for celebrity guests will be appreciated.
b. We will need to generate laser sharp, intelligent and humorous questions for each guest.  I would prefer to ask original questions of each guest, based on their personalities and expertise.  
c. So that we don’t dilute the content and focus of our FB headquarters, I’m wondering if our Google+ location would be a good place to have open conversations about our podcasts, including suggestions, questions, etc.  and to further promote our books, once those in cyberspace notice our new forum.

2. Directing traffic and attention to our sites and our books (That’s the point of our podcast, after all).  We need to invite our podcast fans to become fans of our member’s books.  So, where do we send them? We now have a presence in several media locations, mostly in name only:
a. FaceBook ( is growing nicely and remains the headquarters for our Authors to support each other.  
b. LinkedIn  (  has potential by drawing from a professionally oriented crowd.  
c. Amazon’s GoodReads ( is a logical location to connect with fans of books.  
d. Google+ (, while technically, not as large as FaceBook, because of its relationship to Google and Google’s YouTube (the #1 & #2 search engines on the planet), is an excellent place to direct our Podcast fans, in order to find our books.

So, as the Authors Pay It Forward Podcast takes shape, if anyone has ideas, suggestions or a desire to help in the organization of our soon to be famous venture, let me know.  Here’s my email address: (Google Mail is recommended by many experts for its impact on an individual’s “search-ability”. 

Coming soon, the "Pay It Forward Podcast" and Google+ Hangouts:  Interviews with experts in our Indie Publishing industry.  We'll be taking suggestions and introductions for notable Experts that can share some flashes of brilliance about their craft.  Stay tuned and post some suggestions, as well.

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The “AUTHORS PAY IT FORWARD PROJECT” is now on LinkedIn, FaceBook, Amazon’s Goodreads & Google+.  

Allow me to invite you to a different collection of Authors and Supporters of Indie Published Books.  With each new publication, our Authors offer a free eBook version.  No “Buy –My-Book” Spam, just free eBook eVents and an opportunity to review your favorite new books. 

The “AUTHORS PAY IT FORWARD PROJECT” was designed to share Q's & A's about writing, reviews, promotions and technology. Our guiding principle is remembering that we will each become successful, once we have helped enough others become successful, first. 

To all Authors, future Authors and Fans of books, who would indeed enjoy receiving free, newly released eBooks, join us. You will find us on FaceBook, LinkedIn,  Amazon’s Goodreads and now, Google+. 

We are the AUTHORS PAY IT FORWARD PROJECT.  Already a member?  Invite a friend.

Kind regards, 
David Freeman

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Authors Pay It Forward, First with FREE EBOOKS:

The AUTHORS PAY IT FORWARD PROJECT is a growing community of self-published Authors, dedicated to the critical process of earning 100 honest Book Reviews posted on and Amazon’s Goodreads sites.  The most effective means to this end is for each Author to offer FREE EBOOKS to any friend interested in reading a new book and offering an honest review when possible.  

The goal of 100 reviews is important to our Authors; because positive reviews are one of the most critical deciding factors determining which books will receive immediate global marketing support from both and Goodreads and which will not.

The AUTHORS PAY IT FORWARD PROJECT welcomes all Authors and Supporters of Authors to join us for regular FREE EBOOK EVENTS in one or more of our convenient locations.

Live locations:  
• Google+/APIF:  
• FaceBook/APIF: 
• LinkedIn/APIF:  
• Goodreads/APIF:

In whichever location is convenient, join us for FREE EBOOK EVENTS.  Choose which books you would like to Read & Review (R&R) and you will be notified with a link to download your free copy on the designated publication date.

The Authors Pay It Forward Principle proposes that “We can all become successful, once we have help enough other people become successful, first.  We are Authors and Friends supporting Authors.

Kind regards, 

David Freeman
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