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During my genealogy dna is matching very closely to this John Fox/Anne West family.  I came across this letter on one of the genealogy boards.... The lady's last statement has my curosity, AROUSED !!!
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Luan Marks

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Thanks for making this possible! Have lots of relatives in Tennessee. Right now I am researching Morrison, Sharp(e), and Alexander in Wilson County, David Morrison in particular, late 1700s-early 1800s. He seems to come out of nowhere, and I've got lots of theories to choose from.
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Thanks for the suggestion!
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JaKobi Burton

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Near Chester County prior to 1880

- Burton
- Randolph/Hudson?
- Nevels/Hart
- Cawthon
- Croom
- White/Robbins(Robinson?)
- Bass/Ross?
- Morris/Long
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Burton in. My wife's line. NE Tennessee.
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Aysun Jeannie Johannessen

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I just now joined and am looking for my biological relatives.
Surnames: (mostly in Campbell County I believe)
Mefford (Theodore R and Virginia, both deceased,; daughter- Wanda Faye, Son- Rogers Alonzo 'Doc' deceased)
Ashmore  (Kenneth Lee- son of Wanda Faye) is my half brother

I have a half sister named Stacey or Staci and another half brother who is married but cannot remember his name.

My grand father (Theodore) was in the military. He is listed on the 517th parachute division Christmas list 1944 France. 

My grand mother (Virginia ), may have the last name of Brown but am a little unsure of that. 

Both grandparents are buried in Jacksboro/Jellico (cannot remember the name of cemetary but when I met my grand father, he took me to her grave and I took a picture.

I have met my biological mother twice, once in Cinncinati to introduce myself and the second time just before my Grandfather died.

I know little about the family and NOTHING of who my father is.

I have tried searching via Ancestry with no luck and this is my last resort. Any help is greatly appreciated.
I have photos if it will help. Thanks
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Thank you +Taneya Koonce  will do right now.. 
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Caroline Pointer

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Surnames I'm researching in Tennessee {specifically Wayne County, TN} include:

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Okay. I just looked. Many are probably related but I'd have to take a look at my master Casteel Excel Spreadsheet to make sure. Mine left in 1842 for southern Illinois. Thanks! =)
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