New Category!!! "Ask Ink Sans" is now up and runnin'. Ask or dare him anytime you want!

Ask or Dare any sans!!

Enjoy your SANSational day!

Why isn't ink on the asking list?

All the AUs are taken when I think of them. STOP IT INTERNET!! >:-(

Every Human quickly answer this!! Tell us your ships of these sans:

Omni sans

Error sans

Swap sans


Ink Sans

SwapFell Sans

Underlust Sans

Crimson sans

Blue Screen sans

Science Sans

Pick one humans!!

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crimson sans: i destroy thoughs who sin

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An engineer defending his home
Animated Photo

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Not sans but, hey.

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ST Sans: The new AU!! HeavenTale! Here is Heaven Tale sans!

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Here's jacko sans

* what do you do when ur bored
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