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Pike 8.0 release 12
Pike 8.0.610 has been upgraded from beta to stable.

//How to set the positon of window1 to center ?//
window1->set_position(GTK2_WINDOW(window), GTK2_WIN_POS_CENTER_ALWAYS);

//window1 is a toplevelWindow//
object window1 = GTK2.Window(GTK2.WINDOW_TOPLEVEL);

Let us assume not to be programmer. Instead a metalworker.
I only want to cut out a metal sheet as main in the right size and center position!
The main frame of the project.


i have not all MAIN modules of Pike installed.
The GTK Modul is NOT installed.
$ pike -x monger --query GTK
An error occurred: No such module GTK.
$ pike -x monger download GTK
Too many extra arguments!
I want to start this graphical HELLO WORLD !

int main()
GTK.Alert("Hello world!");
return -1;
The code is from homepage pike/docs/tut/

The GTK module MUST be there in the Pike module folder.
How to get this module and make the code RUN !???

OK one mor information WHAT Gtk Module ARE IN !!!

$ pike -x monger --list gtk

Hello again,

one question. I am running Pike on Linux.

How is a Pike programmer delivering his program to user.

Executable file ? Bundle ?

How to make this ?


Hello again for a new issue ,

may i ask hoe to start the Pike editor in the package.
A second question is of course if someone could recommend a Editor with , if
it is possible , some kind of Pike Highlightning.
And third, is it possible for a new Pike programmer to type code direct in the
CMD Terminal of Linux to execute short commands?

Pike v.8.0 release 498 running Hilfe v3.5 (Incremental Pike Frontend)
> write ("Can a beginner type something here to interpret ?");

Hello World Graphical in Pike.
Working examples code.

Any sample code for the classical helloworldgraphical ?

with gtk from pike library.

Are there graphical example codes online for download ?


I want to fish a Pike too.

Therefore i joined this programming language.


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Pike 8.0 release 11
Pike 8.0.498 has been upgraded from beta to stable.

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Pike Conference 2017

This years Pike conference will be held at the Opera offices in Linköping November 4:th and 5:th.

Hi pike team,

Can you give me a mail address where can I send us a query or possible bug found on the MIME.Message process?

Thanks in advance
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