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school has ended and I decide to stop for a pack of gum

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Name : Johan Anderson
Age: 16
Gender : male
Appearence: blue hair, green eyes, white shirt and blue vest, black pants, white shoes, pale skin
Likes: to make friends
Dislikes : evil people, and being looked down upon the people who are bulies
Bio: happy all of my and looking for the girl that's in my dreams and I wish to find her so I can protect her and marry her


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Name: Maddox
Age 17
Power/Skill: Fire, Swordsmaster, Fighter
Bio: A strong and fierce yet kind and gentle boy that will stop at nothing to vanquish the evil that has taken his Saiyan parents away from him when he was a kid and has killed his teacher: Trunks. All he has left is his new-found friends that help him get to his goal of avenging his parents and teacher and killing the thing that has taken everything from him.
From: Dragon Ball Z
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Bio: A sweet girl who loves the out side. her emotions triggers the weather to change. She is a Z fighter.  She is half syain half goddess
Anime she is from:Dragon Ball Z
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Anyone wanna rp?

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Name : Shay
Age : 16
Race : human / witch
Bio : lost my real parents a the age of ten along with 2 sisters got adopted till 14 and my foster parents died I'm a school girl who battles Demons on a day to day bases the last charmed one. The rest is a secret...
Powers : Freezes time, blows things up.

anyone want to RP? 

Is anyone up?

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(This is a DBZ like universe. Immensely powerful. This is the introduction. If you like it please say so ^_^  I will be posting more if people like it. I am open to criticism but please be polite.thanks for reading.Also note that Draydens speech is not in quotation marks but other voices are)
We begin our tale with birth. The birth of a boy who would grow into a man like none had ever seen, both in power and in heart.
This boys name is Drayden. Drayden Birk of the far away and unknown planet of First Moon. One of six Planet in the Celestial system.
On this Planet people are born Dozens of times stronger than most men on earth.
This boy was brought into the world with a proud father. He had the highest power rating that any one had ever been recorded to have been born with. He was born into the royal family of First Moon and was a prince. His father decided that he should begin training as soon as possible and in a short two years, the best teachers came to teach the boy all that they knew. By ten years old he had learned enough to make his own energy attack. But enough with the story telling how about you meet the young lad.
Drayden is ten years old at this point in time. his best friend is Willo, a fish person known as a Neption from the Planet Neptune which is completely covered in water "DRAYDEN!!! WILLO IS HERE FOR YOU!!! The young boy's eyes open as he hears his friends name. He gets up and gets in his training gear as fast as he can (see picture below. He does not have a tail like the picture though) "oh boy. I hope he brought food." He flies down stairs to the front door of the manor of which he lives he arrives at the door to see his friend. He has blue skin and fish like features. “Hey Drayden, you ready?” Huh? for what? His friend shakes his head. He is used to Drayden’s forget full nature, but this was a new low even for him “It’s our assessment day. We get to become Planet jumpers.” Drayden now remembers the talk he had with his father about the Planet Jumpers. They were a group of heros. Only the strongest of each race became one. It was one of the highest honors and it was the best place to train and become stronger Cool. I bet we will get to meet and train with a really strong master and he will tell us if we make it. His friend was now very excited “ YEAH, AND WE’LL PASS. CUZ YOU’RE THE STRONGEST GUY I KNOW!!” as they were talking the did not realize that two power levels equal to them were coming their way. The powers were behind them by the time they noticed Drayden, being the one facing the courtyard, saw the two strangers. They seemed to be the same age as them. The stronger one was bald. He had sark and rough looking skin. His eyes were the color of topaz (Blue) and his stature was that of Draydens father. Straight and precise. The other was also bald, but he was green. He was wearing baggy training cloths (like a Namekian but no antenna.) He walked forward to greet them Who the heck are you? the stronger one stepped forward “We are here to assess you. We are Planet Jumpers…….. er well….. Jr Planet Jumpers. We are young and powerful. They scouted us out because they know we will be very strong when we are older.” Really? I don’t know about all that. “QUIET YOU!!” Fine. So are we gonna fight or what? The stronger one laughed “You can’t beat me! I was born with one of the highest energy ratings of all time.” I don’t like bragging. I think i’m gonna beat you. The boys get in their fighting stances, a look of intense rivalry between them. AAAHHHH they charge towards each other and clash with a flurry of kicks and punches. Neither one seems to be doing damage as they are equal in skill. Drayden backs up and they pause, both panting while in the air “You are not as strong as me. I’m only using 80% of my power” Drayden smirks Funny. I’m using 75%. they sit there, both getting angry as they both lied about how much they were using. They both had the same idea on how to end the fight, both certain that it would defeat the other “You’re about to lose you cocky idiot” I think you are the one who’s over their head you nerd. Their eyes meet and they charge their absolute full strength. A blue ball of energy charges in Draydens right hand and smaller red ones charge in either hand of the other fighter “My name is Cordell, Prince of the Suns and youngest Person to ever join the Planet Jumpers.” and I am Drayden. Prince of the Moons and the one who is going to beat the youngest Planet Jumper. They ready their attacks “ ALPHA BLASTER!!!” He puts his hands together causing the attacks to fuse into a red attack VERTO!!!!! “Drayden shoots the attack with one hand. The attacks collide in the center of the courtyard. Both boys struggle with the amount of energy they are using.* “I wont…...lose to a…...twit like you” And I won’t lose to a……..nerd like you! Their attacks explode and it rocks the entire Manor when the smoke clears Cordell is on the ground on his feet barely standing. Drayden is still in the air, beaten and bruised, barely keeping in the air, but still strong enough to be in the air “he…….he beat me* Cordell knelt down and the passed out. Drayden fell to the ground and was on his back I told you…….. I wouldn’t lose. He closes his eyes and he passes out
 Thank you for reading. I know it was long but trust me, this is only the intro. not even a saga. If you liked it please tell me. I am very excited to hear what people think.   

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I want this sweatshirt
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