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This Project needs two more engineers. C/CPP and Assembly. This has been requested for years. We don't wish for it... We NEED it. That is all.

Good news and bad news... The build is nearing completion. Unfortunately this build is not going to support .Deb packages out of the box BUT it will support snap packages.

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Would like to mention how the new kernel at the heart of Android will be LTS (Long term support) and the LTS Kernel lifecycle jumped from 2yr to 6yr support! This is huge for this project and many other Android based projects and ROMs.

The main focus and biggest challenge since the beginning consisted mostly around the kernel and low-level compatibility.

Android has been incredibly inconsistent around the Kernel. The high complication areas of the build had to do with inconsistent kernel and low-level support.

With the inception of this 6yr LTS kernel, we will see major improvements. Development of core features and functions including the very idea of compatibility as well as major stability improvements will be almost immediate.

Development on or for the Android platform just took a dramatic turn.

Android development is no longer subject to the ever-changing upstream. All the apps on Google play that have 1 star ratings from several people complaining how functions and features don't work or broke after an update will become non-existent for the most part.

With the new kernel, we will also be able to reverse engineer more efficiently as there will be a common denominator.

Android is now ripe!

Very excited. In regards to this project and Android in general.

Two years was proving to be an issue surrounding major Android projects. Many devs abandoned Android ROMs and projects similar to this one because they built on moving parts which begged for high maintenance and deferred libraries which were dependencies. Many Android devs are still learning and can't whip up a new compat lib or layer and patch it up nor was this method plausible for the capable engineer.

Android is finally going to settle down and gain more of an identity rather than experimentation and fragmentation with OEMs deciding what they 'think' Android should be...

We have always aimed for a properly converged Android platform. This project was never about mobile Android running on a desktop or simple tricks like adding a gui shell as an overlay to switch Android to the desktop userland...

Products like DEX from Samsung are examples that there is a market for Android on the desktop, so we have DEX or Andromium which are products of quick solution until the real thing.

Six year LTS kernel for a common Android core! Yes!

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The significance! Linux based kernel is now just Linux

So why still needs to be done here? Is there any kind of roadmap we can look at or is there any way I could get myself invited to the source repository? Thanks for all your hard work and I can’t wait to get this running!

A huge thanks to the talented team of gifted engineers behind the Andromium project! Just awesome work! Just plug your phone in and BOOM! Android is now on the desktop! WOW! how did they do it? The ingenuity behind that one was mind-numbing! Such clever creations paved the way for more overnight engineers with their Udacity certificates to steal the light and show us how anyone can be an engineer! You can ruin the next idea with cheap copy/paste code borrowed from your professors github account! beat the real projects to the punch! Show them how you cut corners to success! Now you can troll legitimate projects and debate with actual engineers because LOOK OUT! Johnny just leveled up on his online certs! level 450! We can all take our whack out-dated bachelors in science and years of studying somewhere else!

Today we live in a world of shit engineers who just follow the leader and OEMs have to fall-back to move forward!.... ARM-Based PC! HELL YES!

Now Android really is desktop ready! OEMs are like F*ck it! They just cant figure it out so we will just toss a snapdragon 8-whatever in our next power PC...

Why the rant? Because the irony is awesome! I finally figured out how to finish this within a short time period, sat back and reflected on the fact that OEMs are legit playing with the idea of "Universal architecture/hardware" Because Java was created by engineers for idiots apparently... We thought it was to assist in a more universal engineering of software/applications to run on low and high level set-architectures for the sole purpose of expanding the market with less resources but that blew up didn't it?!... Instead we have Github... Which was also created for a different purpose... The "legit" engineers were just trying to make the lives of other "Legit" engineers easier and instead created the "COPY AND PASTE" Developer who just stole another freelance job from "US" for 1/5th of the price and the buyer deserves the shit they will get...

The mobile android operating system has never been converged. I will be applying what I know to finally converge android without proper licensing. When I release this project within the next 8 months... There will only be one small server pushing the release to maybe 50 people a day... The community is invite only from here on out and all trolls are being removed...

See ya soon!

So rumors are circulating that Google is working on a new mobile OS code named "fuschia" or something like that...

The operating system is based on a micro-kernel instead of a monolithic kernel.

Then to top it off... The OS is based on Google's Dart, which compiles to a JavaScript based output or something along the lines of that...

The OS is also NOT Linux based!!!

This would be terrible in my opinion...

For one... A micro kernel is weak sauce!!! What makes Android so great is the fact that it's literally stacked like a full blown OS minus some libs... and of course... It's Linux based!

Then the obvious issue is the Dart based scripting language! No thanks!

Im guessing the apps would run in a snap-like container​...

All I know is... I hope these rumors are inaccurate!

So far everything I read is just speculation...

I'm going to take a wild guess and say the mobile OS is true but it's probably for small mobile devices or companion devices like a smart watch...

The only thing that kind of throws it off is the fact that the rumors claim Google is attempting to ditch Android due to it's Java base and the fued with Oracle...

If that's the case and it was up to me I would keep the same exact principles and just switch to Python but that's just me...

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Other OS drama! Just want to point out that Canonical dropped Unity! I'm sure everyone knows yesterday but through all the craziness and some celebration! I think we are missing what is truly upsetting...

The converging of multiple architecture' is no longer in the interest of Canonical the most powerful Linux based company. The death of MIR? Is this more of a silent retreat from what our project "Skyhook" gets so much criticism for? Basically, is Canonical giving up on the responsibility they bestowed upon themselves to bring us a new windowing system that truly converged Linux? MIR also was legit... I think.

Conical jumped to Gnome! Just like that! Gnome is safe and reliable... For now.

Unity was supposed to mature into the first legit Window manager for Linux. MIR was supposed to be the beginning to the real Unity that Canonical envisioned or at least advertised. This was months away... Then Canonical just scraps it!? Runs and hides behind the safety of Gnome and many are celebrating the decision.

A lot of Linux users couldn't grasp 'Why' with so many Unity drawbacks. Technically Unity is/was an entire I/O layer in of itself... This 'bothered' many who claimed Unity was already too much.

Who else had the foresight or engineering intelligence/experience to understand Unity was an entire layer on the way to being the 'only' layer?

I read some misguided article's and essay' from a self-proclaimed engineer or five... They called themselves "Engineers" and then wrote a piece portraying the exact opposite with it's message.

My personal view is...Engineers become engineers to create what does not exist, what cannot be seen yet, for the betterment of... To improve... To make something even more impossible, possible, and so forth.

So why would any engineer worth having support Canonical' latest big decision?

X11 is terribly old and outdated. X11 is safe! Gnome is integrated with mutter, which recently latched to Wayland or the Wayland compositor, which shut the door on itself over a licensing dispute I'll save the details. I'll just say Wayland simply can't support converging environments at this time... Canonical knows this.

Canonical did the worst thing possible... They gave up!

This is just my personal view on things. It makes for a really interesting conversation as well. Anyone feel different? The same?

My view of Canonical just changed dramatically. Did they scrap Unity 8, Mir, and the whole idea because 'they' themselves caved and prematurely released and killed the reputation Ubuntu touch? Did Canonical literally just jump 'back' in its shell literally?? Yes... They so bravely did.

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There is 1000 more mockups and everything is sliced and placed into asset folders... The damn GUI is a part of the OS and it's technically​ the longest process... Just imagine every single angle and shadow, possible position... The more pixels the smoother... Who knew that? Puts less work on the GPU. Smooooth baby! I challenge any troll to illustrate a better user interface. Come on it's nothing right? So Jason has been doing that and I've been eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches... So sweet!
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