Anyone wanna RP?

So, I've been working on a fanfic that's a Ranma1/2-Miraculous Crossover, and I've been trying to find RPS for the different characters so I can practice. The ones I need, from the Miraculous Side, are:

Nathanial with the Fox Miraculous. I always liked him, since he reminds me of myself. And I LOVE Foxes.

Marinette and Adrien, cursed. So, if you don't know Ranma 1/2, it's about a boy, Ranma Saotome, who falls in the Spring of Drowned Girl, and as such is cursed: cold water activates said curse, turning him into a her, and hot water reverses it. Early in the story, Marinette and Adrien were hit by water from the spring of Drowned Man and Girl, respectably, when fighting an Akuma, and weren't cured by Miraculous Ladybug because their Miraculouses suppressed the magic while they were transformed.

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I've been reading fanfiction, and now I want to do an RP that's like the show, but the only difference is Genderswap for Adrien only... I don't even know why. :P

So... I'm wanting to try my character Drake Kekli. Particularly when he's Shadow Leopard, need to practice as I'm writing a fanfic with him in it.

Also all my Miraculous RPS seem to have kinda... Gone quiet... I still wanna use Emma too

Anyways, Night.

Anyone wanna do an RP where my Emma Agreste and her Ladybug are sent back in time and meet Marienette when she's Ladybug?

My version of the Emma Agrest character.


Name: Emma Agrest

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Personality: As Cat Noir, she's quite serious and focused, though her dad did instill a healthy enjoyment of Cat Puns. As Emma, she's a procrastinator through and through. Gets along with Plagg great.

occupation: Student

Miraculous: Ring

Kwami: Plagg

Abilities: Cataclysm, Skilled with a Bo Staff and Rapier, thanks to her dad. Skilled artist, mostly doodles.

Likes: Drawing, roof running as Cat Noir, Cassandra

Dislikes: Deadlines, "My Coccinelle"'s constant flirting

Love interests: Cassandra Kutzberg (Crush, "My Lady")

And, to go with Emma...


Name: Cassandra Kutzberg

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Personality: She rarely talks, preferring to doodle away and do all her work at home, alone. As Ladybug, she's more outgoing, actively flirting with Cat Noir, a bit awkwardly at first, albeit.

occupation: student

Miraculous: Earrings

Kwami: Tikki

Abilities: Miraculous Ladybug, Lucky Charm, absolutely amazing artist, Multilingual

Likes: Drawing, Reading, Cat Noir

Dislikes: People

Love interests: Formerly Max's Son, now Cat Noir. (Crushes)
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