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Hi all! It has been quiet for a long time. I figure I would interrupt the silence with a 5/5 monster convention. J/K

If you haven't heard is holding a 24 hour convention. I would suggest checking it out. If you are a LUG Nut GM'ing let us know. Make a comment below or post you game details in the group.

more post to come. We are entering RPG Convention season!!
ICYMI: Feature Guest, Stream Hosts, & more details reveal for #Roll20CON ! Visit now - registration for this free convention opens May 3rd.

Planning for the future

Hi LUG Nuts! We are in the new year 2016. Time is flying and I had to stop a minute and let you into my mind.

Currently I don’t have a date for LUG Con 2016. I would love to see another online convention. Unfortunately I don’t have the time to run a full blown convention. When I originally thought of LUG Con I always imagined a community based around creating a convention that works for them. I hate to see LUG Con pass into nothing but in all honesty I can’t invest the time into a full convention.

What I would love to see is more online RPG Convention style gaming. I wish I could take the torch and run with it for 2016 but my energy is wrapped into something else that I hope will help the community game more online.

This community has great people in it. If people are interested in running games for people in this community please post about it. I want to keep LUG Con open until I do have time to run things again.

All I ask:
1) Be inclusive. Games can have age restrictions because that just makes sense, but let anyone that can play in your game join.

2) Record your game and post it for the community. I will help with this. There is a youTube page for LUG Con and a website too.

3) Promote any online conventions you are going to attend. Since I can’t do a full blown convention I am sure there are tons of users interested in gaming online.

Currently I am coding an application to help run RPG Conventions online. I have a proof of concept created but I am far from anything I can share with the public. As this app gets closer to finished I will share it with others and hopefully more people will be able to easily run their RPG Conventions online.

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Just got done running Shadowrun 5e here is the link in case anyone wants to watch it.

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Here's the game hangout - still room for players or spectators, as you prefer.

Edit: cancelled due to no-shows

Hi LUG Nuts! tomorrow is LUG Con. A weekend of gaming. Please sign up to the games that interest you!

I forgot that I ran The Strange - Eschatology Code at a recent TTRPG day. I could run this for LUGCon, but please let me know ahead of time (now) if you'd like to join. I need to prep for an online game.

I missed the deadline for the con. So I can post my event as a pickup game?

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6d6 Hellenic: Broken Rhodes
Here's the hangout for friday evening's game.
Title of the G+ Event: 6d6 Hellenic: Broken Rhodes
Game or Panel? Game
Event Time for the LUG Con:
Friday, June 5, 5:00 PM - 9:00 PM Pacific US Time
Friday, June 5, 8:00 PM - 12:00 Midnight Eastern US Time
Saturday June 6, 8:00 Am - 12:00 Noon Hong Kong Time
Event host timezone: Hong Kong Time
Event Running Time: Four (4) hours
Setting: Using the upcoming 6d6 Hellenic setting. The players arrive by ship in the newly founded city of Rhodes. After a tiring journey across the Agean Sea, what rest will they find here? With smoke and fire rising from the city, another oppotunity for heroism likely awaits.

In 6d6 Hellenic, the player characters are mortal humans selected by the gods to be their champions. The setting uses the 2nd edition 6d6 core rules to give the champion a small share of the power of their patron god. The game is focused on heroic acts in the face of divine antagonism.
Rule System 6d6 Second Edition
Players (minimum-maximum) 1-6
Preferred player knowledge of the rule system All levels of experience welcome, full explanation for new players will be given.
Minimum Maturity Level: T: Teen (13+)
Are Pre-generated characters provided? Yes, though happy to create characters before the event.
Links: Host contact email:
Host name: Jaye Foster ( )

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The end of this week is the registration deadline (5/29/2015). Please submit your games to LUG Con so we can get you on the schedule. I only have 2 submissions at this moment. Register here ->

Hi All. I am glad people are thinking of running games with us June 5-7, 2015. If you have questions please ask them here and we will do what we can to answer them. If you have a question I am sure 10 more people are thinking the same thing but haven't asked.

It might take me 24 hours to answer your question.
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