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And so begins my descent into madness and the mighty land of Vanth ... !

So making up some practice characters for EC... I rolled up a half-human half Vulkan, I'm a bit stuck on the abilities, are they just effectively Vulkan? do they get the percentile bonuses?

From a meta-game standpoint is there any point to taking mixed race/bionic, since they get the worst of both?

I'm thinking about taking my newbies on an EC adventure are there any modules for it? 

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So here's my races for my Warriors of Crypto-Earth, a three year old experiment in a post alien invasion, post apoc, schlock new age and ufology inspired sci- fantasy setting.

In other words a perfect setting for EC.

Races from left back row:

Skreed ( Also known as Insectillians or Mantids): +2 Dex, + 1 ESP, -2 INT, -1 STR; +15% Consume Alien Food

Reptilian: -2 ADA, - 1 LEA, + 1ROB, +1 STR; +25% Mistaken Identity

Pleidian (Blond or Nord): +1 LEA, +2 MAG, -3 ROB, -1 STR; +20% Seduce


Viridian (Hobkin): -1 ADA, +2 DEX, -1 STR; ignore gravity as the mutation!

Elohim (Lightworker): +2 INT, -1 ROB, -2 STR; +10% Invisibility, +10% See the Future

Grey (standard and "midget"): -1 DEX, +2 ESP, +1 LUC, -1 STR

Blue Man (Arcturan or Mole Men): +1 ADA, -3 LEA, -1 LUC, +1 ROB, +2 STR

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So this is happening again finally. And while the digest-sized books were fun we decided to make 8.5"x11" copies that are a little more manageable, removed the adventure, added the armor table page, etc. and easier to read. Plus, I don't know who did that pic, but it makes a very sexy cover.

Orks for Encounter Critical

A life form ubiquitous throught the galaxy, it is conjectured that, like fungi, they emerge from the ground, and then pass through several developmental stages (growing in size, and arguably more intelligent) in their life cycle. Tough and intelligent enough to use technology, Orks are found in every conceivable environment. Their love of combat, their loose organisational skills, and overall short term outlook finds them commonly employed as mercenaries. Merciless due to an apparent lack of empathy even for their own kind, most other species flee at the sight of a band of Ork fighters.

+2 STR, +1 DEX and LUK
-2 LEA and MAG, -1 INT
+10% to both Feats, Machine Friend, and Survival

The SciFi Club at my school has voted for the setting for their Risus game this year, and it's a combination of Underworld/Monsters and Space! (With the exclamation point intact).

To me, this says something along the lines of Alien, but I was hoping for an opportunity to introduce them to the awesomeness of Encounter Critical! as well. So I might use Jeff Rients's awesome Asteroid 1618 for a setting.

However, I'm open to other suggestions. So, any other suggestions?


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Want an old school, gonzo post-apocalyptic death race diversion for your next science-fantasy RPG? Look no further than Death Race: Fury Road. Best of all, it's FREE:

HV5 High Versatility Energy Pistol

Large for a pistol, but not quite a carbine, the HV5 has a dynamic power core and fast cycling capacitor allowing the operator to switch between rapidfire at low power output, discharge the entire core in one shot, or something in between.

GC 500 New
Short Range: 6" per d6 rolled | Long: 120"
Damage Settings:
^ 01 Shot at 5d6
^ 03 Shots 4d6
^ 10 Shots 3d6
^ 35 Rapid Shots 2d6
^ 123 Rapid at 1d6

Rapidfire is semiautomatic, and cannot exceed (Experience Level) number of shots, rolling separately for each shot; Warriors count as (2xEL) for purposes of rapidfire with this weapon.

...No more than 172 shots may be fired regardless of die combinations before the power core must be replaced or recharged (GC 5). A fully charged HV5 power core has a 4d6 explosive radius of 3" if intentionally or accidentally damaged 5 or more HP; Saving Throw for half damage.

I've seen the Basic D&D/EC conversion, and I tweaked it a tad for converting abilities from the d20 OGL to Encounter Critical.

Adaptation = STR+CON+DEX÷3
Dexterity = DEX
Intellect = INT
Leadership = CHA
Luck = Add all Ability Scores÷6
Magic Power = INT+WIS+CHA÷3
Robot Nature = CON
Strength = STR
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