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Alright. As you all may have noticed the community has not been too active lately. +Van Zan Siegfried suggested this might be because a lot of characters do not have much to do or rely on others in order to act. He has proposed making a timeskip to get activity going again, so I am making this poll to see some thoughts on different possibilities. This poll does not decide anything.
It is just to see some opinions and get some feedback in the comments.

We have different options as to where to jump and wether or not we should maintain certain things from our current timeline like the growing New Separatists.

The planet names are refering to the battles taking place on them. Comment feedback as well please. Things like "Jump to 'insert option' because 'argument' and perhaps (for example) remove the active Jedi and Inquisitor characters because it would make sense for the time period. That's just an example, please vote and leave your opinions below on why if possible. All feedback is welcome.
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Don't jump
Jump to Scariff/Yavin
Jump to Hoth
Jump to pre Endor
Jump to post Endor

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Name: Project: Tracer
Age: 10 years
Gender: Male Programming
Height: 6 ft 6 inches (In his Base form at least)
Weight: 175 lbs (Pretty light for a droid)
Alliance/Side: Rebels
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Force Alignment: ((If applicable)): None (Droids don't have the force)
Species/Race: Rodian built it, it's not a specific droid in the galaxy. Though with self tinkering and retractable limbs it can put shells over itself to appear as either a protocol droid or imperial enforcer droid. It cannot appear as a B2 or B2 b2 battle droid because the body design isn't similar enough.
Manufactured in one of General Grevious's lairs in the Demons Zone system.
Weapon(s): Two Vibro Katanas and automatic blaster rifle (When in his base form), Semi automatic blaster (While disguised as enforcer droid).
The Vibro Katanas can retract to a smaller size and be stored in his lower arm compartment for later use. This allows him to carry them in places even while disguised. However if he attempts to take them out while disguised it could blow his cover, it is only a last resort. The Vibro Katanas are made of a strong metal that can withstand blaster fire. So it can absorb blaster bolts but not deflect them like a lightsaber would.
Force Powers Taught: None (Droids don't have the force)
Bio: Project Tracer is a droid built by a rodian Rebel in the demons Zone system. While the Rodian obeyed Guillotine, the slug did not know about Tracer. Tracer was built with mainly parts in Grevious's lair in the demons zone. And thus his armor is very tough. Though he was meant to be an accurate and fast attacker. Capable of shredding through stormtroopers without being hit, Project Tracer prefered to take out higher up imperials. His ability to retract his limbs to a smaller height allowed him to put plates over him and basically make a shell of either an Enforcer droid or protocol droid. These shells did restrict his movements to that droid types movements. So for obvious reasons he used the imperial droid more. Only wearing the protocol droid shell when wanting to appear as weaker so he can get closer to his targets. The rebel assassin Tracer sometimes would break out of his shell disguise to retreat and get away quickly. His actual armor is tough. Capable of taking several hits before being pierced. Though his armor is tough Tracer is still susceptible to EMPs, but his systems refresh and turn back on within 30 seconds of being fried by the EMP. this is because the droid was built to be able to combat any trooper, so EMP troopers could easily destroy him if he didn't have this. Tracer is intelligent. And has the ability to open doors like an astromech since he has a astromechs tool that comes out of his left hand palm.
Rank: Rebel Assassin
Gear: Extra power batteries.
Ship: X-wing

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Declan had set up new base on Dantooine. Many years passed by since he was here last time. Long abandoned Jedi Temple not far from the newly deployed base. Casey came with new way of deployment by getting hold on GR-75 medium transport ship. In matter of hours it can set up base or get everything loaded and leave.
Declan was overseeing the building process, his flagship, Sword Zero, was one mile above the encampment. Starfighters doing training runs in the skies.

Declan took landspeeder and ventured to the Jedi Temple. Walking alone in it's hallways. He barely remember the days he spent here. Training in the way of the Force after the purge. Vanishing memories of a older woman.
Declan sat down by the fountain, beginning his meditation. Hour passed like a second, but he could no longer get to her. She was gone or he was different. There was no explanation, only these conclusions came to his mind.

As he returned back to the encampment, he noticed landed ship. That ship wasn't one from his fleet, that much he was certain.
"Commander, someone wants to speak to you." Rebel sergeant came to Declan as he returned.

((Open to about anyone who wants to talk or something)) 🙂
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¨No one can be destroyed if they have an unlimited supply of power.¨
Name: Seth Kellen
Age: 25
Rank: Admiral
Ship: The Sentinal of Dxun
Fleet name: The Final Moon
Species: Chiss
weight: 203 lbs
Height: 6.5 ft
Hair style: Long and shaggy
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Red
Bio: He enlisted to the young Imperial Academy at a young age, 6 years old in fact. He passed each test he was given with flying colors. He even was recommended by Grand Admiral Thrawn to be given his own fleet. At age 19, he was awarded the rank of Fleet Commander after he managed to capture 2 squads of rebel ships from the Onderon moon, Dxun, with his ground squad he nicknamed the Dxun Liberators. He was awarded the rank of admiral after he destroyed 4 liberty class cruisers over Naboo with the Sentinal of Dxun

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Ever Since Iving cane to the Rebels and specifically the Seperatist cells, much had been done and improved upon

Thing is, a new line of thing made by the Droids suddenly began to appear to cover up the fact that they could not make their own fighters yet

And this, the droids began pillaging Scrap yards and points of recent dogfights to create a whole new varied and rather ugly ship line: The Ugly Ship Line, a cobbling of various ships together to make something

Though many of the ships would be implanted with, Well, suicidal robots who didn’t have much to live for after severe damage, others would have dedicated pilots

finally, with these ships being made when and wherever possible, a plan was made to steal a small Imperial vessel and since it had been brought up, the droids wanted to be ambitious and try and steal a Raider-class sometime after striking an Imp planet to raid

And OHM and the other commanders began to plan extensively
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(This is a space battle/chase RP)
Outer Rim

The silence of space, interupted by the roaring engines of a YT-1250 freighter, escaping the bright green laser bolts of a Victory Class Star Destroyer.

Aavanlilu, who'd once again infiltrated the mansion of a wealthy imperial to free their Twi'lek slaves from them, she would pick these wealthy imperials instead of actual slave camps, because it would be easier, though this had been tougher than usual, she'd normally be relatively safe when she managed to get off planet, but the imperial she robbed today had their very own Star Destroyer to their disposal, and was now chasing Lilu's ship.

Over a dozen of Twi'lek slaves sat in the back of the ship, quivering with fear, covering their ears as they heard the loud blaster bolts that were bombarding the ship's general area, Shields were holding, but they had to get into hyper space quick if they were to escape the star destroyer.
Lilu had to focus on flying the ship and dodging lasers, she'd have to man the gunner seat and let her astromech plan the hyper space coordinates if the imperials would decide to bring out TIE fighters, if that Rich imperial also had those in his possesion.
(I know this pic has a imperial class, not a victory class, but it has a YT-1250 freighter, and it looks cool.)

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Looky what I got today.

Krennic paced back and forth on the bridge of his flagship, he was eager for something to do. The fleet had just come back from a battle where they were victorious from the start. He stopped and turned to an officer.
Krennic - “Any word from imperial HQ? or High Command? Or even just a distress call?!”
Officer - “Negative sir, comms are rather quiet for now, I shall inform you straight away if I receive anything!”
Krennic - “Very good..I suppose. I shall be in my quarters! contact me should we get anything!”
Krennic made his way back to his quarters to take the weight off his feet and relax himself a bit.

((Open RP))

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(Please tell me if something is wrong with him and I'll fix it.)

Name: Or'ienn'ondo (Orion)

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Height: 6'3

Weight: 240

Alliance/Side: Himself, Anyone who pays enough money

Alignment: Chaotic Nutruel

Species/Race: Chiss

Weapon(s): Double heavy Blaster pistols, thermal detonaters, experience in hand to hand combat.

Orion, was the victim of an abusive family. Despite his race being some of the most intelligent, it doesn't mean they couldn't be cruel. He had lived on Csilla his entire life, up until he reached the age of 11, he had been interested in space and travelling for years. On his way home from school he spotted a shuttle delivering supplies for the kids lunch period. Seeing his opportunity he hoped into one of the crates being loaded on. The life of exploring space wasn't as glamorous and as easy as he thought.

He had to learn how to survive, growing up in a different environment was incredibly difficult. Scrounging through multiple planets, taking jobs and doing things he wasn't very proud of. He was so desperate for money he eventually found a bounty hunting job, and ever since that first job. That's been his main source of income.

Personality: Orion lacks trust in people, spending 6 years on his own he had lost his once innocent attitude. His personality now is a sarcastic asshole that seems to only care about himself. Thats what most people say though, he actually does still have a soft spot and helps people who cant help themselves.

Rank: Skilled but inexperienced Bounty Hunter/Smuggler

Gear: His weapons, grappling hooks and a stolen cargo shuttle.
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The Droids were running all about into their large formations aboard the ship while Jassar stood at the end with his Commanders 455-B, 345-K, 391-J, 890-B, 570-I, Bone Leader, And OHM himself

The CIS shuttle was coming with a guest that Bone Leader had just managed to get back for them and Jassar had only wanted to talk extensively about what the man could do now he was back with the Speratists

And so all roughly 5,000 Jassarian Droids And Bone Droids stood in perfect squares in the Hanger of the Imperial Scorcher, awaiting for the guest to land

(Closed to +Paul jan Kootje )
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