Dear sir,

I'm working as a Secretary to the Purchasing manager with Health Life Wise Pharmaceuticals (UK). I am sorry for contacting you via email without meeting you prior to this time. It maybe impromptu, but I wish to invite you for this business in confidence. It is about a business
supply of medical raw materials for production of expensive anti-retroviral medicines.

I luckily got the transaction details of the merchant whom supplied these raw materials with contact details of the farmer whom grow the seeds in Togo Republic and Northern India.

Our company through my department purchases herbal product (seeds and root) which has been proved to be useful in curing deadly human diseases from suppliers at the rate of $1620 per sachet. These suppliers’ buys from farmers at the rate of $850 per sachet and each sachet comes in 5grams weight. The supplier resells to our company at $1620 per sachet. I confidentially got the contact details of the direct farmers, but I do not wish to disclose my findings to my boss, because I have an interest in the trade.

My proposal is simple; I need a trustworthy individual or company that will act as a supplier. If you pick my proposal, I will provide all necessary information concerning the dealers, farmers and how to supply the raw materials to us. The quantity required monthly from the suppliers is 3,000 to 8,000 sachets per month. A profit of $770 per sachet multiplied by 5,000 on averages is US$385,000 profit!!.

The Flat point is that Health Life Wise Pharmaceuticals shall only require test-sample of the herb from you as a proof of your ability to supply such medicinal herb. Our company is ready to pay you in advance to make the supply if you are worthy to provide the sample from the farmer. If you want to partner with me, I shall give you more details and how we can go about it. Please this is very urgent. The herb is called Lamivudine and is scarce and rare to find. It does not grow on any other soil. The company needs it urgently.

Best Regards,

Rita Martins

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