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I wanted to let everyone know that I just edited the categories so this community will be better understood and that it, hopefully, this will make it easier to manage and understand for all the members and Moderators. Thank you

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Have you got a Selenite? Do you use its powers?

In this video I talk about it and how to use it.

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In this video tutorial DIY I show you how to make a Stone and Crystals Mobile, a Pagan craft!

Do you know those hanging photo mobiles? I do not particularly like photos, so one day I kept looking at one of those mobiles and I thought, "Why not hang stones and crystals?"

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Full Moon
September 23rd
Rio de Janeiro

Click to watch!

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Mabon is coming! Is your celebration ready?

If you need more information about this Sabbat, check this video!

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Have you got a Pyrite? Do you know its properties?

In this video I talk about it!

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What are your experiences with Goddess Kali? Are you familiar with her?

In this video I talk about her and her power!

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A little magick to do in the bathroom with the Dark moon :) a great spell for getting rid of a bad habit. I am almost through the no smoking door and this will be great to round that final corner :) Happy Flushing
Flush away your bad habits with the Dark Moon

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Excited for the Autumn season to arrive! The smell of the leaves in the air and sound of them crunching under my feet :)

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Lápis Lazuli is one of my favourite stones!

In this video I talk about it, how to used and what it is used for.

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