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I hope everyone got to their destination safely. We had a cancelled flight :( and had to spend the night in Amesterdam :). We're now at home.

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We are back to Finland! Only about 45 minute late major bumps.  Thanking you all for wonderful company and wishing you bright future.

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This is the last night here in Bydgoszcz and we're all leaving at different times tomorrow. The Latvian students have to leave during the night. The Estonian students have to spend the night in Warsaw. I know all the problems, all the work has been worth it because all the apps were much more than what I expected. Here's one photo from every team's presentation. Great work everyone.

P.S. Don't forget to upload your project + presentations to dropbox if you haven't already.
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Blog entry nr2
Last three days was amazing. I became friends with many people. We all having good time. Every evening we stay late and siting in someones room having a lough. Every night sleep time is lower and lower. In the end i predict that it will be minimal 1~0 hours.
The lectures are hilarious we have such a good time that i don't feel like at college, but lectures are educational as well For example today we had negotiation task. We were divided into teams. Then we were given task to make a good deal in bad situation. And off course our negotiation partners were strong. They were well prepared and planned their steps carefully. In my opinion agreement which would benefit us or would be equal was not an option for them. We were persistent as well so in the end we decided to meet in court-the worst possible outcome possible. I think that from a side it looked like we were competing furiously, And i almost felt the tension between other team. But in the end there is nothing left but respect for them. I've learned much in this exercise.  Actual human communications is not what i expected. Diplomacy is very valuable skill in life.

Blog entry nr3
These Promand facilitators never gives us time to rest and become bored. I do not remember since when life was so active. All the trips to restaurants and to Explosium , Carts and Local trip to town which happened at beginning of Promand,  Keeps blood system circulating. Constantly having a good lough on the way forth and back also adds to the effect. And it helps to make work into a pleasure.
Most memorable moments will be of friends of course, teammates from whom i learned the most. But its sad though, now when we became one big "gang" and suddenly departure date is at hand. I wish that i could bring all the people of Promand with me to Lithuania. Actually biggest wish as for now is to have class like this.
Now that we finished projects an learning process is finished i can sum up the experience. Most important thing was to learn that looking up for solutions on internet is very good idea and as well it is easy. All the time i imagined that it is hard, after being forced to do it, no more delusions.

Blog entry nr1
Firs days in promand past quickly. New people from different countries made socializing very interesting, Greatest thing is that every one is getting along very well. I never imagined that people in IT can be this fun. This makes me reconsider stereotypes.
The food in here is good. Polish cosine are similar to Lithuania's  so no adaptation is needed. I made "mistake" trying vegetarian dishes.
On our second day, we went to restaurant an vegetarian dish was probably with shafran because portion was small.
Our mentors are great, everyone is competent and good presenters. They are friendly and helpful. The facilitators made impression as well, helping with problems that are irrelevant to course.
Material is not hard, but valuable. Presentations available for download made difference in prototype development, when memory failed slides saved. Head seams full. So many things to think about.. Usually after conference there is some time to think about what was presented. Next day i can try and remember content of slides presented. But in here there is no need to try to remember something, everything is just there.
And the weather. Weather is just what i expect from spring. Sun is shining and warm winds are bringing fresh smell of waking nature after long sleep of winter. Its not to hot though. But walking in slippers with t-shirt is perfectly fine, that solves clothing problem. Mornings are chilly but walk to canteen is not too long so its ok, but one guy managed to catch cold.

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Blog Entry4:
The last three days were some  of the buzziest and challenging days, because as the days passed by the time constraints become clear for each of us, the app is running with some ups and downs, lots of technical support from teachers, I was wondering that they don’t even got tired to fix everybody’s broken code. I think Fragment was the highest rate when it comes to be challenging for students.
Secondly, Github and Android studio had their own misunderstanding to each other and their effect annoys everyone, that’s why we have to ask teachers for help every now and then.
Wednesday was special, we got the biggest Pizza ever to eat for lunch sorry it was also for dinner as wellJ.
Thursday, actually the day of panic, some few features were still challenging in the other hand prepare for final presentation, and deciding what to talk on the presentation? Are we talking about those things which are not working as we need to, thanks for the teachers they gave as good practices about how to present a product for product owners…”Never talk about malfunctions”.
The Last Friday, Friday March 21, was a day for everyone to demonstrate their apps.We also presented our app as well. We had some issues to display some of our app features due to some emulator related issues. But overall it went good, don’t forget our app is one of the heave weight app in which many efforts has been applied in background, at some point we didn’t get enough time to make the layout to look appealing for audiences
I appreciate the comments and appreciations given by teachers, that helps a lot.
My Final word: The experience that I had for the last few days were one of the most important in my student or career life, its not only about learning some new things, but  its also about learn how to work with other people whom speaks different languages and from different cultural background. In general it was awesome opportunity to be here and go through all those challenges and get done at the end of the day.

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