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Name: Rose Wolf
Age: (Dog Years:) 2 (Human Years:) 14
Gender: Female
Species: Timber Wolf
Personality: Artistic, Gamer, Hyper, and Loner
Likes: Being Alone, Drawing, and Being Free
Dislikes: Crowds, Loud Noises, and Insects
Bio: When I was just a pup my pack kicked me out because I was a runt. I learned on my one,I learned to live, learned to hunt, and learned to hide from bears and other wolfs .

Hola a todos/as, me recomendais algunos juegos para jugar por ordena online gratis? O aplicaciones de juegos para el movil? Gracias♡

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Name: Floral
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Species: Zorua Human
Personality: Shy, Sweet, Honest
Likes: Animals, Nature, Tea, Drawing, Books
Dislikes: Mean People
Bio: ???
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Name: Thunder
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Species: Shifter Neko (Witch)
Personality: Stubborn, Sweet, Daydreamer
Likes: Sushi, Neon colors, Sleeping, Sculls
Dislikes: Girly things, Birds, Pink, Beggar's
Bio: I became a shifter when a stumbled across the druid wall and they casted the wrong spell and I became very powerful being able to do magic.
Force: Good
Magic: Transformation, Lure (With my Kawaiiness!!), Trap, Gaze, Scull Rain (ect.)

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Name: Death
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Species: Death Neko
Likes: Fish, Weapons, Shiny Things, Ribbon
Dislikes: The Light, Ghosts, Lightning
Bio: I was summoned back to earth after I died and became a Death Neko because I was supposed to become a reaper but instead I made myself visible to the people among us to make friends and enjoy myself again as someone who is liked not feared.
Personality: Fierce, Loyal, Kind
Weapons: Death Scythe
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Name: Cadence
Family: +Death Neko​ (cousin)
Gender: female
Age: who cares?! I'm young!!!
Likes: Death Neko
Dislikes: spiders
Bio: I'm lazy as hell. Blegh.
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stands next to tree listening to music with headphones on (open rp)
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