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What a + sign can do for you in Gmail
Did you know that Gmail ignores pretty much everything in the login name after a plus sign?
So, let’s imagine your email is Emails sent to and will both be delivered.
So, why would you use this?
It lets you sign up to online services using the same email address. So, if you’ve got a personal Twitter profile, plus one for your business, you don’t have to juggle multiple email accounts.
It’s easy to see if a sender has used one of these plus-aliased addresses, as Gmail will show you. And as an added bonus, it makes it easy to figure out if someone has sold your details on to third parties.
So, if you sign up for social media sites with ‘+social’ in your address, you can trivially forward them into a dedicated folder to keep your inbox neat and you won't get distracted by those emails.

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Please complete this form and express your interest in another 'STM Gafe In Action Day!' It was such a huge success a couple of years ago. We'd love to see who's interested in attending another one!

Feel free to pass it on:)

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I just remembered, I promised I would make a few comments about how to get started in app script. this comes up a lot, if you have any favorite getting started links to add, please do. Here's a public gist i'll update over time. The idea is to have a great reference to give someone an overview and plan to get going.

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Which third-party services do you use in the Google cloud?

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Google Apps Unlimited & Backupify

Is anyone else seeing Backupify activity showing up in their Admin reports under activity as 'Download'.

This is causing noise and making it difficult to spot users downloading data in both Google Admin and Cloudlock.

If so, can you please log with Backupify add they state that no other customers are experiencing this and thus not attempting to find a solution.

IMHO this is an issue whilst attempting to spot data protection issues with users.


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How to monitor GDRINE Sync Locally that crashes

Hi there,

I need help on one subject.

The local Gdrive app (Drive Syn) crashed one several comuter or does not launch at start on a regular basis.

As admin, is there a way to monitor this on each PCs of our customer ?

Any tip to secure that this is running with more reliability ?



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73% of IT professionals know their organizations have not adopted certain SaaS applications that would be beneficial to their end users.
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