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How to test Wakey BETA

Look if the graphics are correctly disaplyed
Do a stress test (try to make it crash)
Test all the features
Test all the screens (main screen, premium purchase, about, settings)
Test in landscape mode
Test widget and notification

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Good evening! I am the new owner of Wakey - and I'm proud to announce a beta of the app featuring fixes for the latest versions of Android. AutoWake is once again working for those who have Lollipop w/ the latest security update and Marshmallow. Also, brightness settings and theme customization are now included in the app without the need for an in-app purchase.

If you would like to test the beta, please go to and sign up to be a beta tester. You will get the update once you have done that.

Please check if AutoWake is working as expected, and that any features you have previously unlocked are working as expected.

Also - if you have any feature requests or comments, please let me know here or by emailing me at


I installed Wakey.
This application works fine, I like it!
But, Japanese translation is terrible.
Can I help translation?

I noticed the dim function when enabled it keeps the screen all full brightness at all times.. Nexus 5 4.4.2

If your Wakey BETA is working fine post a comment below

Post your screenshots here

In order to know if Wakey looks properly on all devices having a lot of screenshots would be useful.
Post your screenshots here, and write on what device it was taken

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Soon I'll be posting the new version of Wakey, since it's a big update I have to make sure that it runs smoothly on all devices.
If you'd like to help join this community and you'll be able to install the BETA version of the app.

You can Opt-In for the beta at this link

Also join this community
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