Reliving the past will cripple us and vex our spirits everytime we rehearse the things of the past!

Trust in God waits patiently for Him to bring things into fruition without works from us!

We're not created to worry, doubt or fear. Raise up and be victorious!

A wise man or woman is not easily enticed by chatter. Don't be moved by what can't make or break you!

No matter what's trying to come against us in this moment, we have authority to shut it down!

When we believe in God we will live by "trusting" in Him!

No matter how hard our current situation may be, we're coming out on top!

People are blind to what they have done to you and are quick to criticize when you have moved on!

When we don't exchange back biting for back biting, be prepared for mockery!

We're not defined by what we have or want. If we lose our possessions tomorrow we're still the same person!
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