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"Every" recording of Erik Satie's "Gymnopedie 1", played at the same time, with the overall lengths stretched so they start and end at the same point.

Hat-tip Jet-Jaguar (aka. Michael) at Ello:

Selamat Ulang Tahun, +Ayu Nitya​!

(Sekalian iseng nge-ping grup hehe :P)

rindu rekaman dan rilisan MU.... [/ping]

Ada yang mau mencoba menyangkal yang berikut ini nggak..?

/tap +Puji Utomo +Yogi Natasukma +Kamen Lurino +Ruli Harahap +Doneh Abe +ChokY Juntak 

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Why would one seek their original nature and not act against it? Why would one act against their inherent nature and the inherent nature of others rather than harmonize with oneself and others in silent observation, in a silent meditative stance? Why would one seek war instead of seeking peace within themselves and with others?

Why not let one's thoughts and the thoughts of others pass without judgement in a perpetual meditative stance, alone and socially? Why not let the mind just be satisfied rather than always laboring one's mind towards a cause that can never be satisfied? Why should the mind be prostituted towards endless external causes?

Why should not the mind be satiated internally indefinitely in frequent sitting meditation? What is so abhorrent about this ideal?

"Why not seek contentment instead?"

There is no other contentment but emptiness; With the exception that one can be quite content acting against themselves, their original nature and inevitably committing self-torture, torture of others, suicide and homicide, unable to bear the perceived weight of the world.

"But why seek the permanent silence of the mind?"

Why be addicted to endless thinking and its anxiety? Why be addicted to endlessly justifying one thing after another without end? Why martyr oneself to thought? What cause is greater than peace in one's mind and all minds?

"Why is [meditation] a better state for man to strive for?"

When has man ever become better at not birthing more people that cannot be fed, watered nor live existences entirely composed of menial labor of the mind and body? When has man ever truly aimed to ease its suffering perpetually away from its self-enslavement and the enslavement of others towards consumerist production?

What cannot be better than indefinite inner peace provided in meditation?

"Isn't man created to carry forward an ever advancing civilization?"

I've never seen a case of man truly doing that. I've seen man create nations that depend on the slavery of those outside its borders however. If you consider endless conquering and enslavement advancement, may you just as soon pick up a weapon and build your battalions.

"Is wisdom born out of nothingness and complete silence or is it born out of those questions we put to our spirit in our hours of contemplation, reflection and meditation or to those people around us of whom we deem possess it?"

I've never seen any questions asked that lead to any happier state for humanity, as a whole; Except one stated in various forms and discussions, especially in the concept of emptiness: "Why question at all?" I think this question offers something far more palatable over time.

"Or is it so that our wisdom also grows out of our experiences in life, which in turn, hopefully will not be drained of content?"

Human life barely generates sufficient wisdom as a whole. It knows how to make distractions, toys and weapons of war though to cope with an existence it can barely stand to bear: The average human being can barely stand spending time with himself alone, just sitting, without some device to numb his intellect with. What wisdom will give us peace other than just accepting things as they are in silence?

Perhaps we can make true peace in endlessly condemning our present position and damning, destroying and falsifying anything that stands in the way of our ideals of the future? Perhaps when the Earth has been reduced to oblivion and humanity bred to a perpetual warrior and enslaver of all worlds, we can claim victory over ourselves and a universe we deem ever-so confused and without sufficient "advancement"?

And so you ask: "...Is [wisdom] born out of those questions we put to our spirit in our hours of contemplation, reflection and meditation or to those people around us of whom we deem possess it?"

What question is so important that it must be answered at all costs? I don't believe such a question exists. I believe questioning is the root of suffering and I only question as far as to be without questioning. May you know this as another way of stating the root of my philosophy, Zen.

Again, as for the proposed duality of silence of the mind and contentment, I deny its existence; I will hold contentment and silence of the mind as one and the same.

I believe the vision of contentment without silencing of the mind is a facade that can only end in extinction: Holding endless attachment towards things, endless striving towards things as necessary then expecting contentment within that is to expect contentment only with addiction; This is no contentment at all: It's self-destruction.

I will bluntly state this species is headed towards exhaustion in its every faculty with this mentality of addiction and attachment, most especially towards the exhaustion of the species itself: Extinction.

Our economies are not providing sufficiently and never will they as history shows (frankly, they aren't designed to provide anything but useless paper with presidential portraits on them and governmental power), nor do I have any confidence in the ideal of advancement of our civilization: There are still people in the first, second and third worlds dissatisfied with existence and starving, and I see not one true, believable effort to aid these people sufficiently existing.

I believe only detachment and silencing of the mind can bring people a true awareness and ability to care for those in need; For without detachment, sacrifice and overuse of one's will will decidedly end the psychology of most who attempt to aid.

Martyrdom has destroyed most efforts of aid; And its martyrdom without cause, inherent martyrdom that destroys our current world: People act against themselves in their attachments and addictions (e.g. overwork) and thus have every reason to act against one another when their dissatisfaction levels reach their limits.

This world is hungry for everything but just existing in the present moment: There can be no contentment with this unless one holds extinction as their ultimate value and morality.

The martyr is the world's greatest enemy as when one aids and hurts themselves in their aid, their efforts will only bring forth the psychology in the receivers of such sacrifice of not being worthy of the effort themselves, without their own requital sacrifice and martyrdom. In such, you're left without a species to receive even the honor of living due to an endless chain of attachment and sacrifice towards such attachment; The philosophy of unworthiness, of continuous proving of one's worth by sacrifice towards attachments, proving one's egoic self to others by sacrifice towards attachments can very well kill this species as the central method of mass suicide; This method is the most potent archetypal representation of attachment and its the main thing I speak against in my philosophy applied societally.

Cease your striving, humans. Take care of yourself, release your attachments and be; You will find surplus in food and water; And no longer shall you strive for external objects and attainments as meaningful: You will find meaning as inherent yet without existence. Then you shall truly be in a place to help those in need: When you've cared for yourself and so prevented yourself from hurting others in your desperation, addiction, agony and attachments.

Summarily, I speak my case on emptying oneself of all attachments to things of all kinds, applied individually and societally.

If you disagree, I offer this: Grow your attachments to things absolutely and let the pain drive you to your goals; Erase the concept of contentment from your mind and live within endless rage and agony as many of the great political war heroes have done in "advancing society;" Build your ideal empire with an endless weight within yourself that you will need continuous strength to carry; Follow this Western ideal to the forefront of complete imperialism and domination of nations too weak to provide for endless capitalistic consumerism.

If you find the above unpalatable, I will then offer this: There is a middle between the willful tendency of over-attachment and the humble tendency of non-attachment offered in Zen and I can only truly say its a place without any ability to engage with the world sufficiently: There is only a constant feeling of disempowerment, victimhood and addiction to having needs that can never be met.

In the face of all choices, I've chosen to enjoy the world as it comes with only a receptive silence in my mind, without any genuine expectation of a result; The alternative of endless demands upon the world and never receiving them while always expecting them is a hell I will not bear: I simply choose not to bear it by demanding nothing but a silence I can always provision myself. This is my freedom, this is my advancement, this is my nirvana.

May all readers choose as they will choose in terms of being. I will remain silent, I will remain Zen, I will remain empty.

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Yog aksesoris baru Yog buat Note 3-lu Yog :)) +Yogi Natasukma 
Samung Gear VR demo units start showing up in Best Buy

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Ideologically I am opposed to the political message contained in this animated .gif.

...But damn it's so fucking hilarious lol x')) 

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Animated Photo

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MusicianUnited goes charity, Tamsur, Juni 2014
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"Star Spangled Banner" ditranspose ke tangga nada minor... bonus, "Don't Speak"-nya No Doubt, juga dibuat jadi minor...

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Expresif; sangat ekspresif. Salut! #MusicianUnited7  

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Buat penggemar meme....
How to add text to an image already in a Google+ album

Open up a new post, click on the Photo icon. Then choose "Your Google+ Photos", choose any of your images, click Add and then you get a new post with the image added, and also the text editor possibility.

Changing the text after saving is not possible, unfortunately.  But you can redo another share of the same image.

If you just wish to create several meme's, share those image posts with yourself only and before sharing click on the add to an album, perhaps later downloading them to your computer.

See the photos for detailed instructions:

#Photos     #Meme     #Texteditor     #Jaanatip  

PS:  If you wish the album like this one to display a name instead of the date like here, create a new album or add the photos to an existing album.
Which I forgot to do, again...  :-)
Now I can change the name of the album created when I click it open and edit the name on top, but the name change does not happen in this already shared album.


A pro tip for post sharing

If you wish to share some advice, a recipe or how-to instructions:

Preferably create an album of the photos / drawings / images and share that.  You can open a new post and add several images at once, but add at least two.

Because you can go back any time and edit the album contents, change the text added to the photos, add extra photos, delete a bad picture, reorganize the album etc.

Why is this good?

Because every one of the reshares is updated at the same time!
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