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On September 1st, 2018 I will be transitioning over to "Sunlit Earth" and it's mission full-time and discontinuing the Charlie Bates Solar Astronomy Project mode of operation. Dragon*Con will be my last official public event as CBSAP with my great friend and inspiration Ben Jenkins.

I would like to believe that we have made a difference in the world with our program. It has been the most satisfying thing I have ever done to pay back the society that allowed me to be so fortunate through education.
I have given it my all for ten years, 50% of my income, 100% of my time and delivered the program directly to over 300,000 students at schools in 27 countries.
We redefined modern astronomy outreach by introducing very high end gear and imaging stations into the mix back in 2008 and I hope that those that we have financed and inspired will go on to do even better than we did.
Thank you to the less than 1% of participants that financed ALL of the program and to our awesome corporate sponsors Meade Instruments and Celestron for continuing to stand with us. These are quality companies that care about the hobby. Please support them.
I will remain a Team Celestron Member and a Meade Brand Ambassador in order to continue to promote science in our world as it is sorely needed now more than ever. I am going to transition to a solo operation instead of trying to pay for everyone else to do outreach. I will be concentrating on Sunlight from its origin in the Sun to the myriad of ways it is manipulated by our terrestrial environment to bring us the natural world (Sunlit Earth!!).
Monthly donors, please continue your donations as the nonprofit will still be going strong promoting science. I understand if some of you want to pull out but Im hoping that instead of a yearly fundraiser we can get a couple dozen more monthly donors.
A word of warning to those interested in community science outreach...this is NOT a way to get personal fame. It is a desperate attempt to stem the tide of rampant anti-science and nationalist extremism that is destroying our world. Science education is the great equalizer and doesn't care where you are from or how you look, it is science and our only hope for survival as a species. You do it to benefit your society, not yourself. If you're in it for personal glory or to get famous, do something else.

The hardest working people associated with CBSAP-Roger and Linda Kennedy and Ben Jenkins were also, by choice, the least known and least applauded in our selfie based world. I always tried to stay in the background and watch other people succeed through our program and I really hope that some of these people will continue on this tradition of totally free outreach and giving away their gear to help others rather than falling in to the "me,me,me" trap that has become so common in our world.
The CBSAP name and assets will stay online and operational for the time being. Feel free to use it and our brand for any non-commercial program you are doing to teach free science.
Our insurance for outreach events will be voided on Sept 1st and we will no longer be giving away gear and glasses to everyone around the world. It just isn't financially feasible any longer.
I will continue to use the fine Celestron and Meade products to provide free science training to anyone who wants it but I will be doing this solo and not as a global group.
Again, to those of you who truly got it and made it work, and you know who you are...,THANK YOU for being decent people.

Stephen Ramsden
Founder and Director
Charlie Bates Solar Astronomy Project
Sunlt Earth!!!
501c3 nonprofit USA

Hey, lets all agree to keep politics off Google +.
Gl to Facebook if you want that garbage.

How do you tune your Lunt with a double stack?

I bought an LS80THa/DSII for my Lunt scope in the hope to get even more detail. How do you tune the two etalons? I know where my first tuner knob needs to be and adjust the second one until I have maximum contrast. But then I can even adjust the first one again ...

And finally: I have a PC-USB Pressure Tuner Controller for my Lunt Scope. Would I need to get a second one for the second tuner??!!


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Astrosurf Picture of the Day

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Picture of the Day on Astrosurf
Sun in Halpha by jp-brahic
AR2546 (20160518)
AR2546 (20160518)

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I have a question i kept these glasses for 1 year in good condition and are they safe for this solar eclipse
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Chromosphere on The Limb In Calcium Light 4th February
Not really a lot going on on in this image taken in Calcium light of the north eastern limb of our star taken with the 80mm scope at 2000mm focal length with the PGR CH3 and 2x2 binning.  What is does show is the 'hairy' limb of the sun, or the chromosphere...
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