How do you tune your Lunt with a double stack?

I bought an LS80THa/DSII for my Lunt scope in the hope to get even more detail. How do you tune the two etalons? I know where my first tuner knob needs to be and adjust the second one until I have maximum contrast. But then I can even adjust the first one again ...

And finally: I have a PC-USB Pressure Tuner Controller for my Lunt Scope. Would I need to get a second one for the second tuner??!!


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Picture of the Day on Astrosurf
Sun in Halpha by jp-brahic

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I have a question i kept these glasses for 1 year in good condition and are they safe for this solar eclipse
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Chromosphere on The Limb In Calcium Light 4th February
Not really a lot going on on in this image taken in Calcium light of the north eastern limb of our star taken with the 80mm scope at 2000mm focal length with the PGR CH3 and 2x2 binning.  What is does show is the 'hairy' limb of the sun, or the chromosphere...

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AR12632 in Ha 4th February
This little decaying active region had very little other than a few plasma rifts going on, and, with a sun heading towards solar minimum is why a scope like the 0.2m Airylab HaT is the way forward.  This 'wide field' shot was taken with a skywatcher ED80 an...

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