Stewardship is a privilege God grants His children. It’s not a right. It helps us understand three important roles leaders must be cognizant of always: (1) Owning (2) Managing (3) Accounting.

God is the owner, we are His managers, and we will account to Him for how we managed His resources. At work, although, it seems that some human is the owner, ultimately God is the owner and we need to waork according to Colossians 3;23-24:

23 Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men, 24 knowing that from the Lord you will receive the inheritance as your reward. You are serving the Lord Christ.


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As the stock market continues to roar, beware of greed. This economic expanasion is more than seven years old, which is the outside limit for the average economic expansion. We need to fuction as God's stewards always, but now, we must be especially alert regarding how we decide to spend. Seek first His kingdom, and remember, He promises to provide for your needs when you do that.

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Here is my recent message at our chapel: Stewardship is a privilege God gives us to handle His resources His way. Michel

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Recently, I did a Google search on stewardship of time, stewardship of talents, stewardship of the environment, and stewardship of money. I was not surprised to see stewardship of time with the most hits at 27.1 million. More articles, websites, blogs, discuss stewarding time than other resources on the internet. That’s because many people realize ... ]

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Author Peter Block says stewardship is a choice: it’s choosing service over self interest. Block goes on to say, “There is pride in leadership, it evokes images of direction. However, there is humility in stewardship, it evokes images of service.

John G. Taft in his book, Stewardship, believes the Great Recession started when banks and financial institutions began to lose focus on their purpose of being intermediates between investors and
businesses. They began to see themselves as the goal rather than the means to an end. In essence, they became greedy and forgot their responsibility as stewards to the investor. “They placed their own
financial and reputational interests ahead of the Fund and its shareholders”
Let's remember Jesus' words in Luke 12:15 (NIV), "...Watch out! Be on your guard against all kinds of greed; life does not consist in an abundance of possessions.”

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Biblical stewardship advice will keep us debt free. Biblical stewardship helps us understand real wealth. Worldly advice to gain and share material wealth often includes this statement: “be wise and frugal handling finances.” The answer is, “sort of.” The real issue is wisdom’s source. The Ninth Edition of the Concise Oxford Dictionary defines wisdom as “experience and knowledge together with the power of applying them critically or practically.” Surely, feeding mathematical models with trends, other data and practicing thrift may lead to temporary financial gain. However, this happens without God’s peace and joy.

I couldn't agree more! As a society we have fallen away from the stewardship that God has charged us with. There is really so much to talk about here.

I grew up in a small community where people went to church and actually cared for one another. Now I look and the world and see that for a large part people are only living for themselves and look at the result of it. War, terrorism, violence, anger, hatred, and very little love. Then I began to realize that if I want things to change it has to start with me..

I am so glad I found your community; it was the only one revolving around Biblical Stewardship. I am looking very much forward to being a part of this..

Thanks for including me in your community! 

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Biblical stewardship means being accountable to God for how we use what he has entrusted to us. Normally, when we think of stewardship, we think about money alone. However, that’s the smallest part of what he entrusts to us.

We are accountable for how we use time available to us, how we use our talents, how we deal with the environment, for how we train up our kids, and for every resource God allows us to use.

We must be ready to account to the Lord. let's remember what Job told his wife in Job 1: Naked he came in the world, naked he will leave. We can't take anything with us. So, let's hold everything loosely and always remember our responsibility and future accountability to the Lord.


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Personal effectiveness improvement is the journey needed to move away from time management. That journey is slow. It needs a mindset change. Where are you in life’s journey? In college looking to be free from exams and papers? Working but craving retirement? Yearning for a day when you won’t rush from one assignment to another? This utopian dream is unlikely to materialize.

The key on this journey from managing time to personal effectiveness ... improvement
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