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Name: Zirc
Race: gemsona or to be specific a Cubic Zirconia
Personality: think of a kitten with machine guns on a sugar high
Hobbies: gaming, fighting (kinda), playing with friends, weapon making
Power: she can create portals but she has no control of where they lead
Semblance: if she touches a mirror she can turn it into stone and if she wishes SHATTER the stone

Quick question. Is having a creature of a different species as a companion allowed? For example if someone had a dragon companion or a vampire companion (Like on HTTYD(How to Train your Dragon) or Servamp(a vampire anime) )

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Name: Sekita

(Optional) Nickname: Seki

Age: 10

Gender: female

Species: Snakordin it says snek in the game but whatever

Height: 12 feet

Wingspan: 10 feet

Personality: snappy, trickster, anger tm

Sexuality: lesbo

Likes: small prey, water, pulling pranks

Dislikes: cats

(If no picture) Appearance:

(Optional) Bio/Backstory: well i'm possibly the last of my species, so i won't only tell my story, i'll tell my species history. well, a portion. We lived in villa's. Trees, large logs, giant holes, caves, etc. Anyways, our villa's were attacked by these ginormous beasts. we couldn't identify them other than they looked like an oversized cat"
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One of these things just doesn't belong here!

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Name: Sleepy

Age: 15

Gender: Hermaphrodite(Both male and female)

Species: Dutch Angel Wyvern(A sub species of the Dutch Angel Dragon)

Personality: Kinda, empathetic, scared easily, curious

Sexuality: Bisexual

Likes: Pineapple, flying(Which they can barely do), sleeping(Of course)

Dislikes: Water, mud, storms

Mate: none

Powers: Hypnotism, flying/gliding, multiple extremely weak spells.

More: Eyes are swirls(This is a less updated drawing),has a dream catcher on tail, never really takes off bird mask, wears A LOT of stuff.

(OPEN RP) Sleepy trots through the multitude of flowers in the meadow. They would sit down in the flowers and start to get sleepy as the sun shines down on their fur/feathers.

Fett flies over the Mysterious Woods bringing a light rain strom as he flaps his wings cracking the sound of thunder before landing on a tree. He looks up closing his eye feeling the rain go down his feathers. He looks down at his left wing and starts pulling out more feathers

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(Open rp) You hear Awfull Screatches coming from the Misterious woods , it was early morning so you was clearly disturbed, you go there and you see The knight of the dark, Mercedes

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EDITED due to certain rules

Name: Ender
Full name: Ender The Demon Fox

Age: 18

Gender: female

Height: About as big as a large dog or medium sized horse. (almost as big as if not a bit bigger than a full grown man)

Species: Demon/angel Fox

Personality: Hot headed, short tempered, curious, sly, kind(to very few). Ender doesn't usually show her emotions openly and usually prefers to keep to herself.

Sexuality: Bi (but mostly straight)

Likes: Other demons, fallen angels, flying, food, being alone, sleeping, exploring, almost all animals(mainly wolves and foxes tho), swimming, those who respect her

Dislikes: People touching her wings, tail, horns, or ears, Angels(not all), those who disrespect her, anyone messing with her stuff, those who invade her personal space, anyone who challenges her or poses a threat to her.

Lives: Anywhere really, tho she can cross between the dreamworld, land of space and time, and the physical world. However she prefers being in the Stone mountain or the Mysterious Woods

Mate: None

Abilities: Fox fire, demon fire, shapeshifting, teleportation, healing(herself and others. Tho it takes a lot of energy to do so)

Appearance: As seen in pics

All fox arts are from entries of contests I've hosted. I do not claim the art as my own but the character is mine
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If ALL the mods and owners agree to the "no humans" rule then i will know it's not just one person who just doesn't want human and i will submit to the rule.

Even tho i was INVITED with no explanation of the rules. If one mod can just fill me in on the rules and the rest agree/confirm them I'll be happy.
I just need to know that these are legitimate rules of this community.
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