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Inhales deeply
Internally Screeching-

Oh well fuck me gently with a chainsaw, I owe some explanations-
Q n' A style~

Q: Why did you leave?
A: I hit a rough patch in my life, deleted my G+ account until I got remotely better, and now I'm back~!
I may not be as active due to school though-

Q: What's with all the missing comments?
A: Well you see, Google plus has this fun thing of completely deleting everything when you decide to delete your G+ account kiddos-

Q: Why revive this now?
A: Dude, I literally just looked at my communities and this was one of the ones I liked and it had the most members, so why not?

Q: What are "Hellisks" and "Escalipses"?
A: They're a species me and +Sevna the Synx made. I dunno if I'm gonna add em' here though. I was thinking a more sci-fi scenario for them tbh- They're nightmares-

What did Chevy do to get banned?
And book horse?
Just curious-


beep beep lettuce

+Lunar Dusk​ i think it's time to bring hellisks and escalipses into this >;3c

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Name: Zirc
Race: gemsona or to be specific a Cubic Zirconia
Personality: think of a kitten with machine guns on a sugar high
Hobbies: gaming, fighting (kinda), playing with friends, weapon making
Power: she can create portals but she has no control of where they lead
Semblance: if she touches a mirror she can turn it into stone and if she wishes SHATTER the stone

Quick question. Is having a creature of a different species as a companion allowed? For example if someone had a dragon companion or a vampire companion (Like on HTTYD(How to Train your Dragon) or Servamp(a vampire anime) )

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Name: Sekita

(Optional) Nickname: Seki

Age: 10

Gender: female

Species: Snakordin it says snek in the game but whatever

Height: 12 feet

Wingspan: 10 feet

Personality: snappy, trickster, anger tm

Sexuality: lesbo

Likes: small prey, water, pulling pranks

Dislikes: cats

(If no picture) Appearance:

(Optional) Bio/Backstory: well i'm possibly the last of my species, so i won't only tell my story, i'll tell my species history. well, a portion. We lived in villa's. Trees, large logs, giant holes, caves, etc. Anyways, our villa's were attacked by these ginormous beasts. we couldn't identify them other than they looked like an oversized cat"
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(OPEN RP) Sleepy trots through the multitude of flowers in the meadow. They would sit down in the flowers and start to get sleepy as the sun shines down on their fur/feathers.

Fett flies over the Mysterious Woods bringing a light rain strom as he flaps his wings cracking the sound of thunder before landing on a tree. He looks up closing his eye feeling the rain go down his feathers. He looks down at his left wing and starts pulling out more feathers
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