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The beauty about the incredible hulk is that unlike other comic book characters, he can be inconsistent. It's ok for hulk to lose against one being on one occasion and then beat an unbelievably more powerful being on another occasion. This is because hulk's level of power depends on his rage. 


Hulk is like a charger. He doesn't get tired, he never runs out. Once he reaches his "limit" it suddenly increases. For this reason, defeating the hulk can only be done with KO or kill, you can't defeat the hulk by getting him tired. 


"The Hulk cannot tire! The more he fights--the stronger he becomes!"

TALES TO ASTONISH #63, 64 & 65

"His limitless strength!"

"One figure strides forth... huge, invincible, with power so great it continually feeds upon itself... The Incredible Hulk!"


"But, such is the power of the incredible Gamma Rays that created him--the more the Hulk exerts himself, the stronger he becomes!"


"As the Hulk gets angrier--he becomes stronger--Stronger--EVER STRONGER!"


Many comic book fans claim that hulk cannot contend against sky fathers. Well, that's bullshit. Hulk has already contended with beings at that level, (I'll discuss later in this respect thread) and performed feats way beyond skyfather level. Also, the notion that hulk cannot contend with sky fathers can be dismissed by the fact that like I said earlier, hulk has no limit to how powerful he can become. 

To see proof, let's reference to all the quotes which state that hulk is limitless (credit to +Boomtube101 for gathering the quotes):

"The Hulk has limitless strength."

"His limitless strength!"
"One figure strides forth... huge, invincible, with power so great it continually feeds upon itself... The Incredible Hulk!"

"But, such is the power of the incredible Gamma Rays that created him--the more the Hulk exerts himself, the stronger he becomes!"

"Limitless strength!!"
"And as all true Hulkophiles know full well -- the longer he fights, the madder he gets!"

"The Hulk cannot tire! The more he fights--the stronger he becomes!"
"Though the Incredible Hulk is subjected to deadly forces beyond mortal description, still does the indescribable Gamma Ray Energy within his massive frame continue to sustain him -- still does his mighty heart beat on, as his all-consuming rage increases with every passing second!"
"An incalculable will to live!"

"As the Hulk gets angrier--he becomes stronger--Stronger--EVER STRONGER!"

"His Emerald Anger is Positively Boundless!"

"The Hulk's rage is almost all-consuming... for the madder Hulk gets--the stronger Hulk gets... and hisRage--and his Power--are Boundless!"

"The Hulk strains mightily--his boundless rage growing with every instant!"

"Impossibly powerful!"
"Boundless fury!"

"Unfortunately, he has failed to recall a fairly well-known fact: the madder Hulk gets, the stronger Hulk gets! And when it comes to anger, the Hulk knows no limits!"

"The poor beast is like a small child who has been given unlimited power."

"There truly seems to be no limit to the Hulk's strength!"

"A Strength bordering on the Mythic -pulling, straining with every iota of his strength - becoming madderand madder, his strength building with his anger, as he tugs against a device built to withstand the power of Gods! But this is the power of the Hulk! And ultimately, there is no force stronger than the Hulk!"

"The raging, rampaging Hulk! A creature whose strength--increases geometrically as his awesome anger grows!"

"The Mightiest Muscles of any Living Being!"

"The Hulk is an incalculably powerful being!"

"There is no limit to his rage!"

"There is no way to measure his strength! There is nothing he cannot do!"
"The strongest body ever known!"

"He's a veritable blast furnace of limitless organic energy! There is no way to even measure his strength!"
"If we can keep him under control, there's no limit to what we can learn about the harnessing of raw power"

"His power is beyond the limits of imagination!"

"Of all our test cases, the Hulk still remains the mightiest subject. Indeed! There truly seems to be no limit to his Gamma-spawned power!"

"But, even as the Green Goliath's strength is Incalculable, so too are his recuperative powers!"

Thinkerer: Your strength...its...incalculable

Banner in Indestructible Hulk annual# 1
Banner: Strength is incalculable

The Incredible Hulk #228 (1978)
Doc Samson: This series of tests is a complete washout! There truly seems to be no limit to the Hulk's strength!

Secret Wars II #8
Pre Retcon Beyonder: You are nothing but raging power personified! An infinity of power with no finite element inside!

Uncanny Xmen World War Hulk #3
Darwin: Gamma energy....but so much, and there's no end to it...

Oh also Odin said he was boundless to


Hulk's "rival" throughout his entire history in comics is thor. Now at first, thor was created to be stronger than hulk over half a century ago. But now-a-days, hulk is stronger than thor. Things are no longer the way stan lee wants them to be. 

Proof That Hulk is Stronger than Thor

In the following scans, regular hulk (not mindless hulk) does not only tanks vectors reality tearing power, but walks through it all the way to vector and then defeats him.

But thor's strength proves to be inadequate when trying to overcome Vector's reality tearing power. 

In thor's first encounter with Vector, he (thor) is immediately blasted away by Vector's wind force, proving to not be strong enough to even resist it (this is their first encounter).

In thor's second encounter with Vector, he does prove to be strong enough to resist Vector's powers and stand his ground. However, he proves to NOT be strong enough to ovecome Vector's powers. 

As seen in the scans below, it is stated that thor cannot advance on his foes, and that it is taking all of his immortal strength for him to stand his ground.

Hulk's greatest lifting feat is holding the weight of a star while on his knees. 

Many people claim that hulk was being held down by it, but that's aside from the point. What the hulk can or cannot lift is dependent on his anger, and the fact that hulk was on his knees means that he was most certainly lifting the weight of a star.

A common misconception about Thor's greatest lifting feat is lifting the midgard serpent. But that feat has been debunked, credit given to +Ikaika Arnado.

Conclusion: Regular Hulk is stronger Than Thor


Further proof that regular hulk is stronger than thor (Part 2)

Hulk fights crypto-man, a machine which was stated to be as strong as thor. 

At first, the machine was only half as strong as thor, which is clearly stated in the scan below.

But then, the evil dude says that he was able to double crypto-man's strength, which means that if the crypto man was at first half as strong as thor, it was now AS strong as thor.

The fight between hulk and crypto man commences, and then hulk proceeds to smash Crytpo man after Jarella gets hurt.

Conclusion: Regular Hulk is stronger than Thor


Further proof that hulk is stronger than thor (PART 3) 

When thor arm wrestled Hercules, they proved to be dead even in strength.

However, when thor fights Hercules in hand to hand combat, Hercules proves to be superior to Thor.

Thor goes as far as to cheat by hitting Hercules with a lightning bolt when he realizes that he can't beat Hercules in pure hand to hand combat.

Hulk on the other hand has proven his superiority to Hercules on several occasions. 

In the scans below, hulk fights hercules and sends him flying away with a kick.

Another instance which proves that hulk is physically superior to hercules is when mindless hulk fought the east and west coast avengers. Among them was hercules. 

Hercules was just one out of countless other avengers, and their efforts proved to be insufficient at stopping the mindless hulk until the hulk got weakened by the separation from banner. 

Thor on the other hand is proven to be inferior to hercules when it comes to hand to hand combat. 

Hulk, however, is superior to hercules. 

Do the math. 

Hulk >>> Hercules > Thor. 

Conclusion: Hulk is stronger than thor 


Proof That Hulk is stronger than Thor (PART 4)

In the following scans, when thor is battling humanoids made out of a material known as plasti-Thene, his hammer proves to not be strong enough to penetrate it.

Hulk on the other hand, proves to be strong enough.

Conclusion: Regular Hulk is stronger than thor.

Ok yeah, Green Scar in a relatively calm state is thousands of times stronger than thor... And here's proof. 

Okay, so Bi-Beast and Wendigo, 2 class-100's(Bi-Beast can even Hold down Thor).

Both BI-Beast and Wendigo were grown to Godzilla size; and Bi-beast said they were a thousand times stronger

 (which I am inclined to believe, as he is programmed with the complete scientific knowledge of a hyper-advanced race, and I don;t suppose he'd lie to his own skull-brother, as that would earn him a lot of shit from the only person he doesn't hate and can never escape),

Hulk was still able to toss them around, knock them down,

 and pretty easily overpower their jaws

Conclusion: Hulk as green scar is WAY out of thor's league in strength

Now, hulk in his world war state trumps thor while making love to betty and drinking whine. 

So, we've already established that hulk is > thor hands down when it comes to strength... 

However, thor fans tend to use Void breaking every bone in hulk's body as a measuring stick to prove that thor > hulk because thor broke the void's neck in their battle. Well, to debunk that... 

Section one of this post: Thor beating void: DEBUNKED.
Section two of this post: Void beating hulk: DEBUNKED.

Many thor fans and hulk haters try to use void beating hulk and thor beating void as a measuring stick to prove that thor is superior to hulk. 

Section 1:

As we all know, sentry can only die if wants to die. 

So basically, what happenned was that Robert Reynolds asked thor to kill him but thor refused. So sentry turned into the void, and attacked thor so that he would force thor to kill him.

Clearly the scan above shows what happenned. Since sentry wanted to die, he turned into the void and forced thor to kill him. 

It's safe to say that thor beating void has now been debunked. 

Section 2:

Many hulk haters tend to bring up void breaking every bone in hulk's body. 

As it turns out, it's not a legitament feat for void because hulk was semi-sedated. Sentry unwillingly gives off an aura that calms the hulk down and sedates him to a certain extent.

As we all know, the angrier hulk gets the stronger he becomes. And if sentry's presence keeps the hulk calm then hulk getting beaten by someone whilst being sedated doesn't mean that the dude who beat hulk (void in this case) is superior to hulk. 

This can also help explain why world war hulk was the only storyline in which the hulk beat sentry, because sentry constantly gives off an aura which sedates the hulk to a certain extent. 

Conclusion: Thor beating the void does not count as a legit feat for thor, and void beating the hulk does not count as a legit feat for the void

Further proof that hulk is stronger than thor (Part 5) 

Ulik (who is stated to be as strong as Thor) does not even make Maestro Move With a Strike


(Credit to +Jason Marshall for making this part of the respect thread)

1. In an attempt to counter a attack from Night-Crawler, the Savage Hulk slams his hands together with so much force that not only does he defuse the attack, but he manages to destroy all the planets/landmasses within the entire dimension(Incredible Hulk #126)!

2. Destroying Nightmare's Realm with his sheer power alone (The Incredible Hulk #299)

3. Sending concussive energy through countless dimensions after clashing with Ironclad (Incredible hulk #305)

4. Dr. Strange tells the Unleashed Hulk that his power is going out of control, that the gamma energy he's absorbing and unleashing that he normally could control is coming from every dimension/universe in existence, and it would eventually lead not only to his destruction... but the entire destruction of the Marvel Universe itself(Incredible Hulk #450)!


Hawkeye's arrows can't penetrate his eyes.

Adamantium crushing teeth do nothing to him.

Hulk tanks a full fledged blast from starbrand, hulk is launched into space but has no physical damage what-so-ever.

(Full fledged blasts from star brand can kill a beyonder, yet hulk is unharmed)

The notion that hulk can't survive planet busting attacks can easily be dismissed by the feat above and below:

Hulk's son (Hiro Kala) in a calm state is capable of busting a planet the size of mars.

His power comes from anger.

Now Hiro Kala in an angry state couldn't do anything to harm the hulk.

The galaxy master who is a planet buster couldn't beat savage hulk with its planet splitting rays.

Proof galaxy master can bust planets:

Many people claim that hulk can be killed by being "thrown into the sun".... To debunk that, let's see what other kinds of heat the hulk has tanked. 

Hulk has tanked the heat from a molecule re-arranger (what is used to mold adamantium), far greater than the heat of the sun.

Silver surfer who is on par with primary adamantium has easily flown directly into stars.

Yeah, star heat won't hill the hulk. 


Hulk vs Onslaught. 

A big misconception about hulk vs onslaught is that mindless hulk was fighting onslaught. 

As it turns out, it wasn't mindless hulk, it was regular savage hulk. Banner told jean to shut off banner's control over hulk which would bring out the savage hulk. Also, when jean shut off banner the hulk began saying phrases such as "hulk is strongest there is" and "no one beats hulk.. no one!" things that savage hulk would say. 

Also, hulk still had banner so he couldn't have been mindless hulk. The hulk only became bannerless after the fight ended. ;

Hulk only became bannerless at the end of the fight:

Savage hulk beat a being with the combined power of Franklin Richards, Magneto, and Xavier. 

In turn, they bested the phoenix force like a joke:

Who in turn was overwhelming galactus:

Even galactus admitted her power (phoenix force) rivaled his own:

While we're on the subject of Phoenix force, hulk was utterly unphased of it in the AVX event, he easily hit 50% phoenix force powered Emma frost through the continent in the water and overall was unimused the whole time:

Long story short, hulk can become mad enough to overpower a being who rivals galactus in power. But wait a minute, Onslaught had Franklin Richard's power? Let's explore exactly how power Franklin Richard's is. 

As a kid, this dude could create universes for fun.

He can shape reality so that it can do whatever he desires.

Oh look here he is again creating pocket universes as a kid.

He can repair dying stars, he taught his younger self how.

He can contain black bolt's voice.

He can deny the power of his grandfather to jump through time.

He can protect himself from celestial attacks by turning into flowers.

As he a kid, he was powerful enough to kick the celestials out of his mind.

Young franklin richards effortlessly endures a celestial blast.

He teleports celestials into a gas giant with the flick of his wrist.

Franklin kills a celestial with one punch.

Hulk was getting madder and madder.. Then he one-shotted a dude who was even more powerful than Franklin Richard's 


Oh yeah, another time hulk has rivaled a galactus plus being.

Okay, probably his best feat Of 2014. Exitar was grown to planet-size: by Kang (long story) 

and when Doctor Doom needed a machine to defend against him, do you know what he used to power it? The fucking Hulk:

Exitar put some Impressive stress: 

While it eventually failed:

Hulk had nothing to do with its failure. To be clear, Hulk can provide enough force to keep a planet-sized Celestial from reaching Earth, with no external stimuli to make him especially mad.


Cable can't control hulk anymore.

The goddess of love can't calm down the hulk.

She could calm down Ares, Thor, and Zeus:

Modok can't control him.

Xemus can't affect his mind,

This is especially made for +SolosYourVerse X  the lady who suffers from butthurt syndrome. 

She thinks that in world war hulk, the hulk was not able to hurt juggernaut when fully powered with cyttorak and match him. Well, to prove her wrong. 

First, here's the proof that Cain Marko was fully powered with the cyttorak after he was defeated.

As you can clearly see in the scans above, Cain Marko was fully powered with cyttorak before facing hulk again. 

Now, when the battle began hulk was able to do two things that no one has ever done to a cyttorak empowered juggernaut without celestial tech. 

1. The hulk was able to hurt juggernaut with physical blows and even damage his helmet.

If that's not convincing enough for her, then you can see that the helmet is crumpled after that as well.

Now that we've cleared that up, let's move on to the second thing that hulk was able to do to juggernaut without celestial tech at world war levels of rage. 

2. He matched and temporarily stopped juggernaut's momentum.

Clearly you can see that hulk was actually able to match juggernaut's momentum without the use of celestial tech. 

Now, many hulk haters such as her ( +SolosYourVerse X  ) claim that hulk resorted to BFR so the feat can be omitted. Now, those people are idiots. Everyone knows that when juggernaut's momentum starts no one can stop it unless they have celestial tech, now hulk at that level of rage proved that he could temporarily match it but not overcome it, and there's no shame in that since juggernaut was empowered with the cyttorak. 


Hulk was able to match and hurt a cyttorak empowered juggernaut without the use of celestial tech


Ok, I'm super tired and that's all I'm putting on this thread for now... I'll add more to it later... Phew.

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Stopped the Unstoppable. 

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Thor's day

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Planet Hulk

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Wolverine vs. Hulk

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Planet Hulk

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Is this proof that Universal own the Incredible Hulk 2008 movie?
As anybody will know YouTube have a strict policy on licensing and copyrights...
The key info to this is check out who the PROVIDERS are

According to this, The Incredible Hulk movie does not belong to Marvel... But still a Marvel movie...
I've even snapshot Spider-Man Deadpool and Man of Steel, to prove that the studios that own these movies are the ones providing these movies to YouTube
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How powerful is Hiro Kala?
Right; after reading dark son rising once again I've decided to do some analysis a summary run down
First scan, is a description of Hiro Kala in the back of the book,
It Is of the description state that's he as a child possessed of tremendous power and insatiable Wrath, it then goes on to say he'll emerge as a force as powerful as any in the known universe.

Scan 2
Just by touching the bug man and a loyal servant of axeman bone on top of their heads he turned them into giant monsters, some kind of manipulation...

Scan 3
The shadow people who created the Old Strong was once actually space gods and ruled the Universe by the Oldstrong, old sam States this, he Say's the Shadow People once thought that they would become God's; that they would create a force to rival the power cosmic; that they would hardest it and rule the universe. And so they did until the old Power began to destabilize and all of their carefully seeded world's began to crumble.

Scan 4
He combined the old Power an artificial creation of the shadow and the power cosmic that rules our universe, a power he calls the new power that continues to grow inside of him... he also is a wielder of gamma radiation, don't forget he is powered by three of the most powerful sources in the Marvel known universe... Old Strong, the Power Cosmic, and Gamma Radiation... That's deep shit lol to comprehend...

Scan 5
Understanding the source of Hulk's power something that he really should not have possibly known... also he embraced the gamma inside of him

Scan 6
Old Sam stating, he brought us to a distant Planet he cannot possibly have ever known, he brought us to the Planet Guausar as surely as the ghost of the shadow had led him by the Hand, and he has set about dismantling the work of his ancestors as if he was there at the building of it all, holy shit...

Scan 7
He was so powerful he convinced beings with unthinkable tremendous power themselves that he was a god. The prophet.

Scan 8
When he combined the Old strong with the power cosmic and created a new power he killed old Sam with a single thought in a different location.

And finally because I can keep going about this lol, but the best for last,
His combination power of the old strong and the power cosmic and gamma radiation, he was able to poison Galactus and made him feel the pain of a hundred million Souls inside of him the fear and the torment of every single one,
Not only that the souls emerge from galactus mouth and went towards Hiro Kala, in a later comic series he resurrected those Souls from the dead...
Before people say that's pis; there once was a priest who was exposed to gamma radiation who became the Nigh-Omnipotent Soulman, who could also resurrect the Dead with his life force manipulation, maybe He inherited a part of the same gamma source the Soulman inherited...

My verdict is perhaps Franklin Richards is not the most powerful sibling anymore and maybe he has potential to be even greater than him,
Or he could be on the same level as apocalypse as he was doing a lot of similar stuff but seem on a greater scale... Plus he can resurrect The Dead where apocalypse I don't think can, can he?

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