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Hypergrid Destinations is NOT for ads, events or grid/region self promotions. It's a place where hypergridders (OpenSim metaverse travellers) can feature a place that they have found to be beneficial to themselves, and others. And please remember, a Hypergrid address is the key to Hypergridding anywhere in the metaverse, and is top be the FIRST bit of info here

There are many posts relating to Opensim destinations that become buried, and difficult to find over time. This inspired me (Leighton Marjoram, 1st owner) to create a point of reference for hypergrid travelers to post to where they have been, and what they found, including a hypergrid address. ONLY OpenSim hypergrid enabled regions, with optional pic's/vids, and their HG ADDRESS on front of post, be placed on this page please.

Please post your pictures/videos/links for destinations that you have visited on the hypergrid, and include an optional brief description and MANDATORY hypergrid address on front, for others to retrace your steps.

How to find things:
(1) Find a destination - click on the grid sections on left of this page (for example Kitely, Metropolis, Craft World or Lost World Grid) you will find various destinations, along with their perspective HYPERGRID ADDRESS for that specific grid/region.
(2) Grid information and web links

Other features:
(1) A region owner can request a visit to their region by posting to the 'Visit Request' section (after the visit the request will be moved to the same section as the visit post)
(2) Links can be found under the community description

Places included in independent grids/standalones (meaning they are run by one individual compared to a grid with many different region owners and creators like Metropolis, Kitely, OSgrid, Francogrid ... ):
(1) Dankoville, (2) Nebadon Izumi, (3) Pirates Atoll, (4) Nara's Nook, (5) Fleepgrid.

Didn't like reading all that? then read this
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Hyperca Directory of hypergrid destinations
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HYPEevents -OpenSim EVENT listings

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Introducing a few dwellers within the vast Realm of LISIANTHUS (
~ The mysterious gypsy woman Lallai
~ Orlaith, Faerie Queen of Tir Ildathach
~ Drow and Demon who skulk around Vhaerun
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For all the Franco Gridians of the metaverse, and those that just like festive and perky French accordion stuff..... ...... :) Thanks Isis Ophelia for letting ME know about this stream, and yet another Great Ignus region. :)

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'out of breath' had to run! The park security guy wanted me to come with him to pay an adversity penalty (or whatever it is called in English. He was French lol). I was relaxed drinking my beer or were 3 beers? well anyway. I had to go to the restroom (bet you must too, after 3 beers). Happy walked back to my table, when the officer approached me, saying that I had not paid to use the restroom. oh, I grabbed in my pocket, but empty. The last dollars I had paid for the last beer. So I ran! (meaning I teleported out lol)

Most of you probably know well these regions. They are amazing! So many beautiful regions and spots to discover. I love the creator's love for details. Take a look and if you go visit, take some money for the restroom haha

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HG Oaks
#twt Testing my one-click-opensim from Ferd Frederix, I hyper-travelled today to Oaks

A huge place with var regions in total 16 regular regions. The Center where you'll find not many but good quality items. For example clothes for androgen avatar with breasts and bulge, a working lucky chair, pretty eyes and on top of the hill its a store with Kitties avatars (I call them furries not sure it is correct). Over all those regions rolls the train. I took the tour, sat besides a nice man. He saved me buying the newspaper today: he read loud for himself haha look at the picture.

Interesting its they have an Opensim Fishing spot. When you land you can accept to register with Gloebits. Now when you go fishing, you can win Gloebits. They are testing the fishing system, once it works, they want to give it for free to the Opensim community.

There is also the Kinky Hub with scripted Open collars and the Meditation Mountain, simply beautiful spot.

My advice, if the huge are its too big for you to find what you want, Edit one of the items around and look to the name of the owner or creator, open his/her profile and under Picks you'll find the TP destinations above. Have fun exploring :))

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Thank you Isis Ophelia for yer latest contribution to Hypergrid Destinations. You brought it back out from being in the dark abyss for the past 6 weeks. You are most certainly 1 in 384 "members". :)

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I just had to. Even IF I did land having to hear crappy commercials (Yes, I was made to mute, just so I can show this great idea of a place, but I spared yall). Woulda been cool if the indoor isle signage of the contributing grids were teleporters to the other grids for easy access to more great "bargains". Just a time thing, it'll happen. :) and I had to paste over the region in the map for the url to get me there, fyi. :)

Fairs & Amusement Parks UPDATED: 2 - 5 - 2017 park I'm banned? All I did was ride rides 2 years ago. :) Du Roi * allen amusement park * place amusement park Amusement Park * City park park 2

Expect waiting longer than usual for things to rez at most of the parks. :)

I have a hankering to recognize the kind souls that provide OpenSim with regions. Regions that help some of us realize, there are other kind souls in this world providing regions with a powerful spirit. With that typed, if I can find 6 human beings to judge the first (that I know of) "Best of OpenSim Year Round Christmas Regions" planned for June, the month of the Fantastic Gemini's, It'll happen. But I want the judges within this next month so I can make an official announcement. There are a few that I will ask if noone shows interest. :) :) :) Does this announcement make you merry? or Bah Hummmmbugish? Pass the words around, and the first 6 replies will be the volunteer judges, if they aint all from the same fricken grid. :) :) :) :)

.......... OpenSim Christmas Regions List ...................
UPDATE 1/26/2017 of seasons IV isle snow mountain tiger paradise island island II
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