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............... IMPORTANT READING ......

Hypergrid Destinations is NOT for ads, events or grid/region self promotions. It's a place where hypergridders (OpenSim metaverse travellers) can feature a place that they have found to be beneficial to themselves, and others. And please remember, a Hypergrid address is the key to Hypergridding anywhere in the metaverse, and is to be the FIRST bit of info here

There are many posts relating to Opensim destinations that become buried, and difficult to find over time. This inspired me (Leighton Marjoram, 1st owner) to create a point of reference for hypergrid travelers to post to where they have been, and what they found, including a hypergrid address. ONLY OpenSim hypergrid enabled regions, with optional pic's/vids, and their HG ADDRESS on front of post, be placed on this page please.

Please post your pictures/videos/links for destinations that you have visited on the hypergrid, and include an optional brief description and MANDATORY hypergrid address on front, for others to retrace your steps.

How to find things:
(1) Find a destination - click on the grid sections on left of this page (for example Kitely, Metropolis, Craft World or Lost World Grid) you will find various destinations, along with their perspective HYPERGRID ADDRESS for that specific grid/region.
(2) Grid information and web links

Other features:
(1) A region owner can request a visit to their region by posting to the 'Visit Request' section (after the visit the request will be moved to the same section as the visit post)
(2) Links can be found under the community description

Places included in independent grids/standalones (meaning they are run by one individual compared to a grid with many different region owners and creators like Metropolis, Kitely, OSgrid, Francogrid ... ):
(1) Dankoville, (2) Nebadon Izumi, (3) Pirates Atoll, (4) Nara's Nook, (5) Fleepgrid.

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....... Moon .......
Goin for that Canadaish feeling while watching pond hockey, and skating, and stuff. :) Thanks Jamie.

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#hgsafari #francogrid #opensim #opensimfreebieoftheday #opensimulator #hypergrid Personalize your AO with free poses! Courtesy Aine Caoimhe shopping

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[Minoa - Metropolis]

Visited the Minoa region by +Satyr Aeon this evening and it is always a rich layering of texturing, modelling, vehicles and NPC's that combine to create an immersive experience. I crashed a boat and rode a dragon I hope your driving and riding is better than that the standard is low so aim high.

Highly recommend a visit.
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OpenSim PowerBoat Assn
Hop -

TheKaz grid features the Opensim Powerboat Association
Situated in the Kazpian Sea in TheKaz Grid.
You can Build your own Boats in the OSPBA Staging area, or place your creations a freebies or forsale by the Gloebits System.
You can test and race your boats in the OSPBA Powerboat course, even organise your own events here.

We hope you have alot of fun with it.
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....,. Farm .......
Want to have your own farm to tend? Have critters that you name Fifi and Brutus whining for food & drink? Experience dying crops cuz you wanted a day off? Well it's all very possible now. I would like to see a G+ community started called "Satyrs Farm* cuz this really feels like it's gonna catch on like a wildfire. pretty cool Radios at the farm also eh? That was a nice experience. Now if only Satyr could start removing all the dead regions from his .... ...
site. :) :) :) :) I swear, I coulda gotten the OpenSim Winter/Christmas Regions List.... .... done in a fraction of the time if only. But still, it is a great site, and Satyr Farm is smoooooooooooth and smells like cotton candy....oops(wiping cotton candy off upper lip). :)

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[Visit Wales region on Digiworldz]

[quote] "Welcome to Wales - Croeso i Cymru. Visit our Welsh village settled between the mountains with its huge furnished castle. A small mining town with housing and some industrial buildings." [/quote]

Visited a quaint region called Wales on the Digiworldz grid tonight and it is a lovely and peaceful region to explore. Head through the tourist centre and explore the castle.

Opensimworld page:
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.......... OpenSim Winter/Christmas Regions List ...................
UPDATE 12/15/2017
All Year= Have been up the whole past year
M=Music stream heard at landing point (not necessarily Christmas music, or commercial free) M 2 M Spirit M Beach M Refugium M M of seasons All Year M Designs M M Land island M IV All Year M All Year M island M snow All Year M coast All Year M Mountain Cougar M Mountain Leopard M Mountain Tiger M Mountain Wolf M paradise M M dark M M land Oupost Alpha M*metropolis* M M Snow M Ice M Souls M M Island M AnSky M M hills M Mountains2 M Wonderland Creations Gloebits M Falls M Moon M paradise All Year M M M M M M All Year M Christmas city M Isle M Welcome M M M

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[Home of Merci - One More Grid] of Merci

Bringing you one more region for today called the Home of Merci from the One More Grid [+Snik Snoodle]. A lovely region with some original freebies that range from buildings and outdoor structures to high heel mesh feet with HUD. I got some tudoresque buildings which look great.

Opensimworld Page:
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HG Safari week 163: Nova Saunders @ VIBE islands. nov 2017
Nova Saunders welcomes us for a look at these Virtual islands of learning.
other information here:…/a-collectors-safari.html
+Nova Saunders +Thirza Ember +Lucy Afarensis +Logicamp +Aime Socrates
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