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The floor was always stone cold and the air in the room forever stagnant. There are always barks from the fellow canines.Some sounded mostly dog.Some sounded part mechanical and others...All machine.We were born into this world.

Each and everyone of you is here because this rotting city won’t cleanse itself from those who break the rules.That is why you are needed to kept control of this city. You need to maintain order and use brute force if necessary.The
organization rules this area and the government runs the show so you WILL answer to our commands. You WILL dispose of those who rebel. You WILL NOT hesitate to execute these actions in order to preserve the organization’s standards. In order to maintain directive there needs to be fear within the people.People who fear will not commit to acts of rebellion.They will not try to rebel against the organization .While this canine force is here to establish this dominance.You are here to serve and follow our system.All of this we teach….Is for the greater good.



.Please do not be rude to mods/owners
.Do not swear.I will give you 4 warnings.
.You may make as many profiles as you like just remember them.
.do not ask to be mod
.be nice and respect other people
.do NOT bully
.Have fun!














Best friend:




All dog/Part mechanical/All machine:




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Saraha sar in the corner of her cage, her "home". More like prision she pressed hwr forhedagint the wall. Al the broken barks of some of these mechanical dogs. And the occasional pained yelp of a dog becoming mechanical. As a half-mechanical dog, it would be expected that she would comply with thw rules qhole heartedly, but no. She followed her orders out of fear for her life

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+Jamie Ener

Saraha padded around the yard and growl in frustration. She wiahed there was something more to do on days like these. No "classes", "evaluations", "tune-ups", heck, she didnt even go on a patrol. She was axious to do _something-, anything.


Quotes: "Why cant you see?! We have to get out, if we stay anylong we will no longer be dogs. Simply machines programmed to keep society 'in check'...."

Name: Sahraha + Arakyn (split personality)

Age: 14 dog years

Gender: Female

Breed: Great Dane /Wolf

Mother: unknown

Father: unknown

Sisters/brothers: N/A

Likes: "sensible" dogs, being able to roam the streets, sleep, food

Getting into skirmishes, making fun of other dogs behind their backs, acting as the alpha,

Excessive fighting, control freaks, all mechanical dogs, being feared

Sappy stuff, uneventful patrols, being told what to do


Saraha: paranoid, some times easy to mamipulate, convincing, introvert, eathee quiet and reserved

Arkyn: crafty, mischievous, unruly, stubborn, Loud, extrovert short tempered

Friends: N/A

Best friend: N/A

Crush: open

Mate: N/A (open)

Pups: N/A (open)

All dog/Part mechanical/All machine: Part of left fore leg, her right side of her face (excluding her ear)



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Quotes: WIP

Name: None (Unit 13K6)

Age: 1 monthish (Factory new ;>)

Breed: German Shepard I guess?

Mother: None

Father: None

Sisters/brothers: Others of the same model (CTL-671)

Likes: None

Dislikes: None

Personality: Unknown (Unable to experience emotion... Probably)

Friends: None Open

Best friend: None Open

Crush: None

Mate: None

Pups: None (Unable?)

All dog/Part mechanical/All machine: All machine

Updates: None

Other: Model CTL-67; Painted black

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(Open to +Pastel Matrix cant tag.)
Coco sat in the yard looking at the dogs that past by. "Not much longer." she sighed and sat down next to the fence. "I'll be out of this place soon." You heard her talking to herself and...

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Quotes: " If you escape you better take me with you... ''

Name: Echo

Age: 3 years

Gender: Male

Breed: 20% Husky and rest Greyhound

Mother: Unknown

Father: Unknown

Sisters/brothers: Unknown

Likes: Part Mechs Sun Barking Howling Chit Chatting Playing

Dislikes: 86 and up breeds Mechs Dobermans German shepherds

Personality: Snappy Scared towards Full mechs Denies 90 percents

Friends: open

Best friend: open

Crush: None

Mate: None

Pups: None

All dog/Part mechanical/All machine: Part Mechnical




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Jade walks around in the Yard quietly by herself. It's her first time actually being in the yard. She sniffs every area of the yard thinking that she is the only one in the yard until you....

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Quotes: "Think you can outsmart me?"

Name: Kitsune

Age: 5

Breed: Siba Inu

Gender: Female

Mother: Shina

Father: Kai

Sisters/brothers: Fain, Kira

Likes: Hunting, Running, Being with her friends, Pranks

Dislikes: Rain, Snow, Having to sit still, Being isolated, Bullies

Personality: Kind, Caring, Loyal, Sassy, Brave

Friends: Open

Best friend: Open

Crush: Open

Mate: Open

Pups: After mate

All dog/Part mechanical/All machine: All dog

Updates: None

Other: Nothing
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